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Saint N Sinner

Today in Gamestation (Manchester) I noticed Rugby Challenge 2006 and Rugby 2006 on the release list for Feb...and what makes it more confusing was the fact that they are both released the same day!

The 17th of Feb in fact, a week before my 18th! I hope its true...

But it is Manchester and they can't do anything right in that shop, I asked them if Halo 3 was coming out soon, and they said it should be out in the next 2 months. I wish!
Originally posted by knowsleyroader@Jan 3 2006, 07:08 AM
Thought we had settled on January for RC2006 ?
Yeah, I'm still seeing Jan on all the online places. Reckon there's a chance a lot of stores will confuse these two ***les as they're being released quite close together and have pretty similar names. Can't seem to find Rugby 06 available for pre-order anywhere at the moment though... not that I'd necessarily do it...
dont say that you hope so - you selfish prat - we wnt rugby challenge out this month
well i have many different dates like u guys

20th Jan for EUROPE
Mid Feb for Asia release

I wish we got confirmation farely soon, coz we now within 1 month, of the suspected dates.
yeah - trevor havent been on here for a while - maybe hell be on tomorrow
Yeah I hope he can finally confirm a release date for RC2006. There have been so mnay, I really have no idea when it's coming out or even which month or year!

As far as I know we are looking at Jan 27th for release. That would be in Europe - UK, France and Italy. Not sure about SH release dates.
For PS2 and PC I cannot see any reason for a delay beyond that - they could release them tomorrow.

Xbox 'could' be delayed slightly as there were a few complications, but I think all 3 should be okay for 27th.

In reality I just don't know.
will there be a vast difference between the NH and SH release date?
Originally posted by loratadine@Jan 4 2006, 11:32 AM
Sorry Lora....he ha left and is on his way to NZ.......Trev only backs winners hehehehe
Looks like its been put back another week. Play.com have been saying 27th Jan for ages...they have just changed it this evening to 3rd feb!!

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