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My Dynasty mode

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....with no real in-depth season mode(excluding the awesome world league
)...im doing my own...*cough cough*..season

wat ive done is ive played thru a super12 season using the blues on hard...from there ive playd all the kiwi teams(chiefs,crus,hurries and da highlandaz)....the players that stand out in those matches make da allblacks for example richie mccaw tore me to shreds with his runnin and ball steelin and def...hes in obviously

from there ill test my team against other internationals like argentina,pacific islanders etc. on hard also

that will follow thru towards the tri-nations and eventually the world cup

my team so far
1.woodcock(good running game from pick and go/ive won 2-3 tightheads in da scrums suprisingly)
2.mealamu(carved up for meh with running and defense/throwing good/leads my forwards in tries with 3!)
3.hayman(bumped off 3 or 4 guys in my match against otago thats enuff for me)
4.jack(totally read all my lineouts contested all of them/strong running)
5.maxwell(he smackd around my midfielders tuitupou and tipoki/also contested with jack and won 2-3 line-outs)
6.gibbes(good running)
7.mccaw(u know why)-vice captain
8.sooialo-(ran loose for the canes against me/won most of lineouts thrown to the back)
9.kelleher(actually played like his real self with exceptional kicking downfield,snipes around the ruck and lots of short balls to oncoming forwards)
10.spencer(ran amok for me
11.rokocoko(i know his pretty shite compared to howlett but scored 11tries for me this season)
12.carter(awesome kicking/scored over 20points against me with annoying dropgoals
/scored a try)
13.umaga(showed his leadership in a thrashing
/saved two tries
/solid running)-CAPTAIN
14.nonu(hes really strong every time he got ball he broke the first tackle)
15.howlett(carved up for me at the back/good clearance kicking and running)


thats me squad boys...now im off to my test season
You are exactly the type of man this world needs. I wish I was like you.

Please note with worry, I am being serious.
Originally posted by contepomi@Mar 27 2005, 11:48 AM
Please note with worry, I am being serious.
...me too

my family are worried about my health
Hah I just don't have the time for all of that though, I'm on this damn machine too much!

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