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My Rugby Game...........

I'm a beginner and thus, am looking for some help.

Using the 3D GameMaker I will be able to quite simply create games, using the little knowledge I have. I know how to do some simple coding and graphic creating, having had some practice on the 2D GameMaker.

My brother although younger than me, has done a lot of 2D stuff and surpirsingly is quite fun.

I may be able to get help from the guys at PlanetCricket, but will want some assistance from people like Evol having seen there expertise in editing Rugby 06.
Your best bet is to try and make a 2d top down rugby game, get the code working with this before you think about any flash graphics. If you can make this work, then you can warrent an attempt at a full on 3d game. Making games is very difficult and has many complicated areas, and if you aim big righ away you will fall flat. So get your brother on board and start with 2d, that will be challenging enough. I myself do 2d animation as a hobby, and that is challenging enough without adding in programming.
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listen creating a 3d sim is going to be nion impossible, i mean the big companies with huge disposable income cant get it right, your far better placed at attmepting a management sim, cos there is a huge gap in the market for it.
Fair enough...

I'm still interested in getting this 3D GameMaker, and will have a shot at it...

After I've had a go at 2D.

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