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My Rugby Game...........


Mr. Laxative

This is simply just a thought, but I want to try out making a rugby game. It would be more or less a learning process, but hopefully a tutorial will help me.

Well, what I'm really asking is..... does anyone know of a good, but simple engine that can create such a game?
Good to see you back in form jacko.

The torque engine is good, old but good and reasonably cheap. With it you can achieve PS2 style graphics or you can keep it real simple.

Last I checked it cost 100 dollars US, catch is if you sell your game they take 65% of profits. A small price to pay to get your hands on a professional game engine. Go to www.garagegames.com t find out more. You can download game demos and an overview.

Are thinking of making a rugby game in the vein of Rugby 2006 or a management style game?

The reason that I am asking is that I have been thinking of making a management game using either VB6 or the .NET framework.

I have the architect's version of .NET but I know VB6 slightly better.

Maybe we could pool resources?
man i would love to see how this turns out! it would be so cool to know someone creating a game and telling us exactly whats happening and things like that. We could all be your Beta testers!
Big Ten, I was thinking about a simulation style game, where you actually play... however, I think it would still be possible to pool rescources.

Of course, I am still learning and I will need to purchase the Torque engine so it could take some time, but hopefully I'll get properly onto it within about 2 months.

Does anyone know how big the full version of Torque is?

Would it be worth talking to the guys at PlanetCricket.net?


Jacko Laxative ;)
i actually thought about doing a management type thing as well BigTen, i had all the stats and stuff from rugby 06 and thought about incorporating that into a management type game.

started out to, just the basics mind you but gave up. if you like could talk some more, i have the database there already and its easy to use :)
Um, just curious... would anyone have a simple game engine that they have bought or downloaded - any help would be appreciated...
BT i added you to msn, hope that is ok. can talk in there about what i have done, tis easier
I will probably be purchasing the 3D Game Maker or Dark Basic Pro, and if I do should have it by the end of August.
Originally posted by woosaah@Jul 18 2006, 10:41 AM
BT i added you to msn, hope that is ok. can talk in there about what i have done, tis easier
Yeah that is okay - under normal circumstances I wouldn't let a Cantabrian anyway near my MSN but because you are living in Wellington I will let it slide. ;)

It will be good to check out what you have done.

I am still trying to work out how I will put the game engine together.

I have played Football Manager (formerly Championship Manager) a lot and will probably draw inspiration from that.
Okay, now that this is being cleared up those that would like to become more involved in this project please give your names and position wanted.

Also ideas are welcome!
na i dont think you have enough info for anyone to want to join.

you need to give them more info of what you know, not this "not much" stuff. its nto going to want people to give their knowledge to you.

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