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Your Game of the decade?


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Oct 17, 2013
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The Last of Us for me. Just for the emotional impact it had on me. Can't wait for the sequel next year.
I'm aware that this will confuse (as I've openly said that God of War is my fave game ever) but Dark Souls.

It just 'changed the game'!
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God of war or the last of us for me.

I'm currently 21% inti red dead 2 but still not sold on it, I don't really feel any connection to the 'outlaws'
Yeah big shout out for RDR, which is without doubt the best fiver I have ever spent. Unfortunately RDR2 is now collecting dust on my shelf, as I struggled to get into it and other things taking up my time now. Likely will be part exchanged for TLOU2 when it comes out.
I've been playing RDR2 this holiday as we had some terrible weather and couldn't go to the beach so much.

Hands down the best game I've played in this decade. For me, the amount of things to do on this map has kept me hooked. I just finished the Guarma part of the story line, and managed to catch my first legendary fish as well.
The more I think about it Mass Effect 2 came out last decade (right at the beginning) and I think edges everything else.
If we talk about the last decade. we need to remember that the PS4 and Xbox One only released in 2013/2014, so games that were released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 surely should also receive an honourable mention.

When I look back at the PS3 days, then Hitman: Absolution and Assassin's Creed: Black Flag as well as GTA V also deserves a nomination from my side.

But this is such a vast concept, as people don't play the same games/genres. I for one can't play FPS games, and have never really been a fan of a game with a magic connotation connected to it or that has beasts/demons/monsters in the game.

So my choice of games has usually been sports games, sim games like Civilization and Simcity, and 3rd person games without mysticism like GTA and RDR.

Also Zombies/horror games have never really drawn me into buying it, even though I love the movies/tv series.

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