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My School Rugby Match



hi, just thought id tell you lot about my school match i played in today.....
well are team have only had 2 training sessions at lunches monday and tuesday lol, and we were playing a team that was in our county final last year... sposedly they were gonna hammer us

well no1 really no1s what there doing in our team because of the lack of training :(

we lost 34-0... which is fair, they wernt outstanding but we couldnt keep possesion :( their rucking was awsome tho got to give them credit for that. but there was alot of fighting in this tho which cost us aswell :(

so our team building starts now, we arnt a half bad team, we played 2 games last year and won them both - but unconvincingly. we can tackle, just cant keep possesion and cant ruck. but will a be good soon :) weve got about 5 more games comming up and we look to win some of them!! :p

Bye X
Keep up the good work. There is always a learning curve, so don't get down if you loose some. Rugby is a sport that takes time to learn the intracacies.
Best of Luck to you and your mates!
Yeah, good luck on it all.
Just keep practising and i'm sure you'll pull out a few wins now probs.

Good on ya, mate.

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