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Discussion in 'RFU Championship / British-Irish Cup' started by back row youth, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. beverley have just recieved promotion into the national leagues from north 1 in which they were runners up to caldy, they then won the promotion play off to earn promotion the league next season will look like this

    bradford and bingly
    leicester lions
    darlington mp
    west park
    preston grasshoppers

    not bad for a small local town club with limited resourses
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  3. Best of luck for the coming season....lower league rugby's where it's at. Forget all this premiership and division one nonsense ;)

    If Beverley carry on the way they are going and Waterloo have a solid average season you'll be playing us next year!!!!
  4. come on harrogate!!!!
    we got beat about 106-5 to cambridge in our last game of the season - having only one once. So we're deffinatley ready for this.
  5. we are definatly ready roll on nxt season, especially having beaten fylde last year in national cup, especially looking forward to the likes of leicester and rugby arriving in beverley

    harrogate first test for beverley next season, at harrogate 1st september
  6. i'll try get to that game!
  7. n3n

    n3n Guest

    leicester? you should be looking forward to the bigger teams in the league,

    National 3 is where it is at!
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