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Natwest Series


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Starting June 24 is the Natwest summer triagular tournament.

England's test form is at it's best in 20 years, but how will the one day team do, they need to improve.

I tip England to win, Flintoff to be player of series and Geraint Jones to bat 4.
I think England will win it fairly easily myself.

Both teams have proven they're no great shakes, not that I find the ODI's that important to be honest.
Originally posted by St_Helens_RLFC@Jun 17 2004, 05:50 AM
I think England will win it fairly easily myself.

Both teams have proven they're no great shakes, not that I find the ODI's that important to be honest.
hmmm never know, nz have competed well with eng, just the 4th day sydrome has killed us, but this is 50 overs not 5 days

i'm sure it won't be one sided
Michael Vaughan (Yorks, capt), James Anderson (Lancs), Ian Blackwell (Somerset), Paul Collingwood (Durham), Andrew Flintoff (Lancs), Ashley Giles (Warks), Darren Gough (Essex), Stephen Harmison (Durham), Geraint Jones (Kent), Robert Key (Kent), Sajid Mahmood (Lancs), Anthony McGrat (Yorks), Andrew Strauss (Middx), Marcus Trescothick (Somerset).

I'd have this 11 to start with

1 Trescothick
2 Strauss
3 Vaughan ©
4 Jones (WK)
5 Collingwood
6 Flintoff
7 McGrath
8 Blackwell
9 Harmison
10 Anderson
11 Gough
12 Key
13 Mahmood
14 Giles
Originally posted by Serge@Jun 17 2004, 10:32 PM
Im gonna predict a NZ win. The batsmen to go hard.
hmmm can i take that back...NZ lost to Derbyshire yesterday. Nah im still backing the kiwis
Well I certainly wouldn't give the Windies a prayer especially with them losing to Ireland in Belfast today.
to be honest weve been pathetic during this tour. weve proven that NZ must be up with Pakistan as the Jekal and Hyde side of the cricket world. but i spose if we were going to come back at anytime it would be during the ODI series.
our last 2 ODI series results were
a 4-1 win against Pakistan
and a 5-1 win against South Africa.
i just hope the Black Caps can show atleast abit of ticker and come home with atleast something.
just purely from my heart im going to say the kiwis will do it.
but as for my head, im going to stick my neck out and say the windies are going to hit abit of form and take the series in a huge upset.
ohhhh yeah, but i didnt think they needed it. there performances speaked for themselvs.
they were absolutely brilliant and they throughly desrved all the sucsess they attained.
im just extremly dissapointed that Chris Cairns didnt go out with a win.
He did his best.

He was sensastional in that last test, with both bat and ball, but he looked tired by the end of the 4th day when we finished the game off - hardly surprising considering the problems New Zealand's bowlers had with fitness and injuries.
Also was a shame that English fans didn't get to see the best of Jacob Oram either. He showed glimpses in the first test but that injury of his affected him after that........especially in his bowling.
Oram looked like your most dangerous batsman and bowler at times too. Looks like he could be a solid one day player.
Bad News. Very Bad News

Freddy Flintoff is out of the whole series. Our most influencial player, best middle order basman and most economical bowler, best slip fielder and all round joker is gone.

Rikki Clarke set to replace him.
New Zealand seem to be finally injury free now............no excuses if they don't perform in the one dayers then.............
Shame we lost the game due to bad weather, which is set to continue for a while yet. Figures, it is summer time...
Originally posted by woodie@Jun 25 2004, 11:18 PM
Wimbeldon's on...it'll rain for two weeks.
i was looking forward to these ODI's

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