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NCAA Baseball on EA Sports



I saw an article online about this game. Has anyone played it or heard about it? I love NCAA football. I might have to get this game. Sounds cool.
This is the first EA Sports game to include the ESPN presentation and from what I've seen they appear to be doing the liscence justice. Can't wait to see how they use it for NCAA/NFL Football.
My wife is sending it to me. I will have a full report on this one in a few weeks. I am excited about this game...
isn't a yankee just a certain part of america (not just new york) i could be wrong

otherwise i can c how it was confusing
Yankee on a baseball thread may be interpreted to mean New York as the home of the New York Yankees.

Northerners in the US are sometimes referred to as Yankees by southerners

Americans are sometimes referred to as Yanks by others. Therefore, I guess I could assume that any city in the USA could be referred to as Yankeeville by some.

So there was some confusion on my part, but not as to where I am. I was just wondering which definition he was referring to

Bottom Line: I am not in Yankeeville if you are referring to any of the three definitions above.
Very scientific post... so where the hell are you?

Back on topic.

Is this made by the same crew as NCAA Football? Not really a Baseball fan myself, but its always fun on the PS2, and have some spare change lately... and I'm starting (just slightly starting) to get bored of NCAA Football 06 (after god knows how many playing hours) and need a replacement while I wait for Rugby 06... my aunt goes to Wisconsin next week so I might ask her to pick it up.
ive played it, i donno, i'm not feeling the new control scheme that much, but you can change it back to the mvp 05 controls, and in which case, makes the game amazing..

where you from then???

i live in ohio in the states. by cleveland home of the shitty browns..
Originally posted by USArugger@Jan 26 2006, 06:43 PM
I'm from Minnesota, live in Tennessee, and I'm currently in Iraq.
Iraq? Are you in the army or just part of a company say, like an Engineer? or just going for a nice, holiday break in the sun and sand...

"But all my ex's live in Texas and that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee"
In the Army.

I'm hearing more and more good stuff about this baseball game. I can make Saint Paul Bible in this game too.

I got NCAA baseball. It finally arrived. I can't tell you about the internet part because I don't have it where I live/sleep.

Throwing is hard with the analog stick. I went back to the buttons. I am still working on hitting with the stick. But that is all details.


Recruiting is pretty cool. You can see the guys who are interested and you use points throughout the season. Kind of like NCAA football but the twist is that you have to get their interest up to half a bar before you even have a shot at them in the post-season. So you need to go hard after just a few guys in key positions. Only 25 guys playing baseball so you don't need to sign unlimited guys.
OK recruiting is killing me. Maybe I'm going after guys who are too good, but it is obvious that they took MVP baseball and just made an NCAA game out of it. Gameplay is good, but recruiting is difficult. You really have to push hard at a few specific guys, but then if you don't get them there is no way to go after second tier guys. You either get studs or walk-ons. Hard to fill your roster.

Managing your roster is a mess. I am trying to figure out how to get the computer to quit defaulting my rosters. I can't figure out how to reset the depth chart. For example, my 2nd string CF is better than my only "pure" left fielder. I have to go back and manually substitute before almost every game. In NCAA football if I put a MLB as my starting LOLB, it stays that way. Coach mode is a very good way to "sim" some games while still getting to control things
My aunts bringing this game down this weekend... got some serious PS2 time coming up with this and Rugby 06... as well as NCAA Football.

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