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NCAA Football 2007

Originally posted by Ripper@Aug 9 2006, 05:10 PM
I hate you all.

Yours Sincerely,

So how big is the academic compoment in the game?
The academic portion is huge and it sucks. You have to waste time studying or your GPA drops too low and you can't play. Of course I took a hard major (english) which probably contributes to my issues. Supposedly if you take a hard majot you get better bonus points. I am just starting by soph season and I am a 90 FS. I still suck on defense. I am the best RB/WR on the team. It kills me...

Study or die!!!

Actually I think the whole academic thing is pretty cool...
No kidding. I have learned a lot about guys like Ralph Waldo Emerson on Google since I started playing this game. I made the mistake of getting some quiz questions wrong onsce so now I cheat with Google...
Originally posted by DC@Aug 10 2006, 09:37 AM
education and fun

a deadly combination
It is deadly when you are too stupid to study so you have a sophomore player with a 93 rating who is ineligible half the time!!!

I started the SOPH year. I decided it was cheating to play my created FS at RB unless he actually gets to in a game for real. Not sure if I can make his ratings high enough for that to happen. We will see... Vandy is 4-0 and a big game against S. Caroina coming up.

I can't get used to the kick or punt returns with this 1st person camera angle. It is crazy...
Originally posted by Confused+Aug 9 2006, 05:41 AM-->
Originally posted by MonoTurd@Aug 8 2006, 10:13 PM
@Aug 8 2006, 06:33 PM
Had my first game against fellow TRFer Monoturd (a grid iron veteran I must add) and got my arse handed to me 54-13... once I get the hang of it, it looks like it'll be a good game.

Just got MVP NCAA 06 today too so going to give that a whirl...

lol i was wondering when you were gonna post that.

i'll have to buy the game now so i can practise some more so we can have insanely tense games
Sounds like when I play USArugger and I hand his ass to him. [/b]
Ya know, I don't visit the board for a couple of months and my supposed good buddy Confused is talking crap about me.

Just picked up my own copy of NCAA2007 and I am working on tweaking some rosters before I start my legends...
Nice to see you are back on the board. I notice you don't mention how I whipped your Gopher ass with Vanderbilt...
Getting really involved with my Campus Legend mode at the moment, ended up as a 4 star prospect QB, decided to go for a slightly lower team for a challenge so playing for the northwestern wildcats (I don't get to see any college stuff here in the UK so this was pretty much random). I'm doing well and am in the picture for the heisman, but what I want to know is, how and when do you become an impact player for your team? Has this happened to anyone yet? Loving the game though!
Are you still a Freshman?

Most likely you won't be an impact player your freshman season. If you post some impressive stats on your first season and you work on your ratings you can be an impact player during your sophomore season. It is really a big deal to be an impact player.

So tell me, what is your major? I took English and quit during my sophomore season and I am getting ready to start over. I do not want to study that much. I am thinking of DIV 1AA nicknames for my next one...

So do you run the NW offense? I usually run the option so whatever team I go to I have to change the playbook.
I took maths as my major, finished up with a 3.8 without even resorting to Google... an example of how to be a winner AND a loser simultaneously maybe...

Finished my Freshman year and won the Heisman, and as you said, I am now an impact player. I am a very mobile QB with a pretty decent arm, so run the option a lot, but can pass when I have to. I also have an impact HB so use him a fair bit on the ground, but also running a lot of screen passes (built up a lot of passing yards for my player too!).

All of this was on the easiest skill level though so you guys will probably dismiss it - I was just learning and trying things out. Am going to start a new game on a harder level and see how I get on...

TO get your 3.8 how much do you have to study or visit tutors? When I was an English Major, I had to go to the tutor at least once a week (two days blown) and sometimes twice just to keep my GPA afloat. I was getting 100% on my quizzes too. I do not want to spend that much time on schoolwork.

I want to be able to work on my position drills to get points.
I found the best way to keep it up or even raise it was with the tutor - once every week and usually getting 100%. I know it takes 2 days out, but seems to be more effective than studying for 2 days. My usual week was tutor, positional drills, social activity. To get your campus popularity up you will need to get national player of the week or other awards, but mine was up to 100% after my first season. Following that plan, I had an 87 overall QB with a 3.8 GPA and 100% popularity after 1 year... it was on easy but the principles would still apply if you're good enough at the drills etc.
I'm doing the same thing with my RB at Minnesota. Tutor, drills, and social. Maybe I study now and then instead of a social event.

It works well.
I am trying something new. I started again at Vandy with a CB this time. I can't play any of the games and I can only sim them. I can do all the weekday stuff but can't play the game. It is not working out so far. We lost 52-6 to Michigan and 42-20 to Alabama. Next up is Arkansas. I am hoping for a win. So far my freshman me is not doing much
Arkansas just kicked my butt too. THis is getting ugly. I am hoping that by the time I am a senior I can really turn this place around...
Arrived at my Dad's work today... unfournatly he's not in the office until Friday...

Just two more sleeps, just two more sleeps.

It's just like Christmas.
Beat Tenn State, beat Temple, beat Ole Miss, lost to Georgia, beat South Carolina, beat Duke and I am sitting at 5-4. Nice... I just became an impacy player also so I am at 42% popularity. I wish I could tell you about the games but since I simulated I can't...

SO I made a bowl game and then I lost in the Music City Bowl. I did beat Tennessee which surprised me. My guy had 6 INTS, 5 FF, 52 Tackles, and 4 Tackles for loss. No sacks. He had a 3.8 GPA and was named All-American, Academic All-American, and Freshman All-American so I now have 100% popularity.

Now I am ****** off. My guy is a 95 CB so I played him in the Spring game at WR and he caught 4 TDs and had at least 200 yards receiving and he is still not a receiver and he is not even my kick or punt returner. THis is crazy. He has about a 60 WR rating and he has as good of ratings as my impact WR. Makes no sense. Since I am simming, I can't play him on offense. Kind of irritating. I want to play both ways.

Oh well.
Originally posted by woosaah@Aug 18 2006, 03:08 PM
anyone played the NCAA baseball game?
Yeah, I played it. Good game. I had a hard time figuring out recruiting on it though. A whole different concept than in football.

I also had a hard time getting used to throwing with the stick so I manually changed to the buttons.

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