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Need a kit?



Hi all.
I'm new in the game of kitting, but not in photoshop.
So tell me: are there any kits remaining, that should be given an update?
The list I know is:
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Romania
Ill try to make them.

If you got a kit that isn't done allready, post it: please :p

<div align="center">lets make ruggger06 complete.</div>
just to be pedantic the collars on the actual jersies are the shorter ones, i take it you dont know how to change the jersey "styles" ie long collar with loose jersey, short collar on tight jersey etc, you need to import the config.bin that has the jersey style info into the .big kit file.

import (replace the original config.bin) into the big file
The kit from georgea

The minikit
in my thread the links you can download contain a photoshop blank kit template for all styles of jersey(basicly a plain white kit with the ripple textures on them), which are as follows:
loose jersey with long collar (the one you have used here)
tight jersey with long collar
loose jersey w no collar
tight jersey w no collar
loose jersey w short collar
tight jersey w short collar
loose jersey w short collar with longer base of collar
tight jersey w short collar with longer base of collar

now the configs work the same way as you import the jersey image file back into the big file. just import the one that corresponds to the jersey style you are making

the ones you have used is the basic long collar (i think ive named it normal collar in my files)

the above style is loose jersey w short collar with longer base of collar so use the short collar loose config.bin


the above is a no collar tight config.bin

do you kinda get it now, im not the best at explaining crap to others sorry
Ulster...has anyone ever done Ulster?







Alternate: Which is awesome...wish I could by one!!!




Allsow looking for lions kit please!!! Started brosing through other mods, looking great, thanks allot to everybody moding rugby 06. I just love this game.
O'Rothlain, I started the Ulster shirt last night. Just need to do a couple things to it, should be finnished today.
i'm not finished yet..
to mutch to do with school and other things at the moment.
sorry ;)
O'Rothlain, I started the Ulster shirt last night. Just need to do a couple things to it, should be finnished today.
Sweeeeeeeeet. :bana:
Hi everyone, this is Otyget and this is my first post on this forum.
As a Rugbyplayer from Sweden I'd really like it if someone here would do my this favour making a Sweden kit/roster.

For information about the Swedish kit and line up please follow these instructions.
For the kit:

Click the word "Bildgalleri" (Gallery) in the top menu.
New Window opens
There is a menu where it says "Välj Galleri/kategori" (Chose gallery/Category)
And chose the gallery called "Herrlandslag - Belgien 2005" (Mens team - Belgium 2005)
There you can browse the pics and see what the Swedish kit looks like.

For the line up:

Same webpage
Click the word "Landslag" (National team) in the top menu.
Find and click the word "Herrlandslaget (Mens team) in the menu to the right.
New page opens. Find and click the word "Spelarprofiler" (Player profiles) and you'll get the line up.
Unfortunately there isn't any stats on the players, only their names.

Hope this is something that could be done.

I would be more than gratefull if someone here would take this upon him/her to try to do this.

All The Best.

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