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New 12s competition.

Proposed for next August.

7's in Union and 9's in League proved to be distant cousins of the 15 and 13 player games. But 12 a side is going to eventually replace both full side codes. I say eventually! Here's why. 15 a side Union is becoming increasingly congested, dominated by bigger, faster, fitter players with less and less room for open exciting attacking players. 13 aside League is a relatively minor international game which the 12 aside new Union game will fairly closely resemble. Yes, there are lots of initial gimmicks in the 'new' code but these will likely disappear in time leaving a hybrid 12 player League/Union code. League will be subsumed and 15 aside Rugby will die out completely. Will this be a bad thing? On the whole, no. Better quality with a bigger player pool, more open attacking individual play, more opportunity for smaller players at all levels. It won't happen soon but it will happen.

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