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Florwers, online shopping.. I'm sure those advertisers will get their moneys worth on a rugby forum
Actually, yes. But it's interesting because we've only ever had Swordfish up there, and today there's about 5 other ones. Would this be to make a profit?
Ok then. I thought you were only talking about the WCR one, as thats all I can see.

You're mental.
Yeah the Swordfish one is still there, but from time to time another random advertisement will take its place. Right now it is an arctic white advert (whatever the **** that is). I swear!
Originally posted by kinkon89@Jun 8 2005, 11:10 PM
yes wally we all believe you

get some rest wally

everyone can post there "get well" posts 2 wally here....
hes been like this since sailor left the reds...
If I was beside you I'd pat you on the head condescendingly and walk slowly away.
my computer is pretty slow....so id proberly see it load up in about...hmm..a couple of years
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Tell me how to take a screen shot and I'll prove to you I'm not insane.[/b]

dont worry about it wally you might get hurt

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