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New Banner!



Firstly..the New Banner Graphics up top, rock...my hat's off to you gentlemen.
I would like to know who is responsible in order to participate in repamania and bestow +rep for the work.


Nate Rowlan (O'Rothlain)
Mite is the creator of said Banners...

The rotating part was something in place already, but needed to get it working again, which was done by mite with help from myself...

And the ideas for players are staff's ideas, and the one with Bananas is an idea of mine...
Note how Charlie subtly slips his name into his post a few times, just hoping for that +rep.

I'll have you know i've grown a little chin-goatie, thank you very much.

Where my f***ing +rep for that, eh?!
Loving the banners at the top mite , is it coding that allows the image to alter between many or the program this site runs on if that makes sense , like invision ..

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