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New Rugby Game

"I'd have gladly accepted a realistic goal, like them trying to make a rugby manager game. It's way less consuming in terms of ressources and manpower, it can start with only a few features and can be easily improved with layers of complexity over time"

I don't post on here a lot nowdays, but heres my 5 cents worth...........

First of all some nice points from Darhf above. A decent manager game would be a great addition and far more "do-able". I've always thought league lends itself better to a manager type game due to the greater chance of upsets, smaller number of clubs/comps/players/staff involved in the sport at the top level, more structured play, and more "hands on" tactical decisions to be made by the team coach come gametime (ie. interchange, attack/defense styles, player positioning in the defensive line etc).

Good luck however in your game development endeavours. I know some likeminded people are trying to get a cricket game up and running on planetcricket.net (and making good progress), so it may be just silly enough to come off.

If not (or if this is a hoax) what have we lost?
I must admit I wouldnt mind seeing a Championship Manager Style Game for Rugby, it would be pretty good... I have been so addicted to Champ Man, that well a Decent Rugby one would really have a good effect on the market...
A Rugby Management game in the mould of Championship Manager (or Football Manager) would be awesome. The crappy Pro Rugby Manager and sequel was total pants. I have had a look at programming a really simple rugby management game and the more that I look into and the more things that I would like to include in it just proves to me how much work it would take to design.

Even if I had someone programming all of the players names, attributes, stats etc the actual design of a decent and effective engine would take ages.

I figure that if it was me alone doing it I would probably have to quit work, stop spending time with my girlfriend, family and friends and maybe even sacrifice major amounts of sleep. And even then it would still take years.

Even if a group of people were helping - it will still take ages as people pushed in different directions and it would be hard to manage even a small team.

By the time the game was ready to be "released" - remembering that all of the player's names, team's names, tournament names would all have to be slightly different to avoid any nasty legal action - everything would be so out of date as to make the game a bit crappy for people to start playing. I mean who wants to play (and pay for) a game that is 2 or 3 years out of date.

It would be fantastic if a game studio could make a rugby management game (hell - I'd even pay money for it haha) but given the small demand for it I can't really see it happening unfortunately.
Im sure a guy named Priddo ( I think thats who it was ) did a manager style game some while back. From what I can remember he did a pretty good job of it and spent quite some time on it. Im not sure if he gave up on the project, but maybe someone could continue his work ??

I think it was the RL2 forum he frequented, or was it the League Unlimited forum ??
Yeah knowsleyroader, I have had a very quick look into this and have come up with the following:




It looks very interesting - I wonder how easy it would be to mod this into a 15-man game and change the teams and some of the rules?

Yeah okay I have been digging a bit more and have realised that the game isn't available for release yet (and they also canned the '04 version ages ago). However this looks very, very interesting.

Maybe the forum could help promote this game in return for the coding of the game (so we could turn it into a rugby union management game)?

You can download the dodgy '04 version complete with bugs at

Maybe the forum could help promote this game in return for the coding of the game (so we could turn it into a rugby union management game)?

That would be great.
That was a great game that it was just riddled with bugs. The world is crying out for a cross code game. Two seperate games on the one disc - a Football Manager style Rugby League game and a Football Manager style Rugby Union game.

The potential is gigantic.

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