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I know it's not normally possible to create new teams in Rugby 08, but:

Does anyone know of any patch and/or mod that can add the Boland Cavaliers (SA) into the team list? With their kit, of course.

Also, I don't suppose it's possible to create the Currie Cup tournament?

And lastly, does anyone have an updated kit for the Stormers?
It would be possible to do so, however you would have to swap another team for the Boland Cavaliers and the same goes for the Currie Cup.

You can't simply add in, you have to substitute :)

The experienced modders will be able to help you on the technical side of this.
Hi.. I have edited the game and have put my own team in the game by using UserTeam1.. Now I just need to rename? Get a Kit? and ofcourse put some players in.. For this I find kind of difficult..

Hope that helps
UserTeam1? Where's that?

using ozzy roster update you get the userteams in the squad managment but i din't find how to use them in game
Hi, I was wondering, without creating a new topic, if anyone could help me add RC Toulon in the game, and i don't mind if it replaces another team. I want top find out how to name the team RC Toulon and how I can add the kit to it (which I believe someone has done). If someone could help me via PM or on this thread it would be great. I have my own roster which is sort of my "best of" if you will so I don't have roster updates so I can keep old faces, and i dl new cyber faces when one come along, so I don't want to simply use the MUP roster update ect, not that I don't think it is awsome.

I would also like to add I am rather imcompotent so the more simple the better.
I will make a tutorial for you guys that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to replace a current team of the game with a team that you want ingame, will contain images ect...Should be done later today or early tomorrow.
I'm still busy making the tutorial, taking a bit longer then I expected, sorry for the wait.
Okay here is goes:

Programs that you will need:
*bigGUI (google and download it)
*hex editor (I use Hex Workshop)
*fshed (google and download it)

Files that you will need:
*rugbyGob.xls (download here)

In this tutorial we are going to replace Bourgoin with Toulon

Step 1: First of all you will need to get the dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.english file out of the the data.gob file which is located in data folder in the Rugby 08 main folder.Open the data.gob file with bigGUI and export the dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.english to your desktop or any other easy location.

Step 2: Open the dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.english file with the hex editor, (gonna give you guys previews of the hex editor that I use, might not be the same to what are using if you have done hex editing before).Okay so once the dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.english file is open in the hex editor use the search fuction to find the name of the team that you want to replace:

Once you've found it click behind it so that the pointer/marker is before the name that you want to replace, press Ctrl+H, this will bring up the "replace window", in the "find tab" you put in Bourgoin and in the "replace tab" you put Toulon:

click "OK" and then on "replace", it should now have replaced the name Bourgoin with Toulon.Save and exit, then copy that dc371d84ed78d4cf88a641a8d8abc38a.english file into your Rugby 08 main folder.

If you start the game now you will see that the "text" of Toulon has replaced the "text" of Bourgoin.

Here is how you change the kits of Bourgoin to the kits of Toulon

Step1: Download(if possible) or make a Toulon kit, you will need the home kit with its kitback and the away kit with its kitback(the kit is the front of the kit and is a .big file, the kitback is the back of the kit and is a .fsh file).Also download or make the mini-kits of Toulon, there are 4 mini-kits for a team(home & away left and home & away right).

Step2: Right after you have gotten all the kits and mini-kits for Toulon you will need to rename the files so that they are loaded when you play with Toulon(Bourgoin), so you will need to give them the filenames of Bourgoin, these filenames can be found in the rugbyGob.xls file.Just rename(if it hasn't already got the correct filename) the kit file of Toulon's "front" home kit to that of Bourgoin's "front" home kit, in this case e5ecbedccb68445e47152283df78bf68.big

a84404dd40701b5850eb785f7fa5c09b.big - Away front Bourgoin
171f7b0b9807ba1afc1cc06cc4bc78be.fsh - Away back Bourgoin
e5ecbedccb68445e47152283df78bf68.big - Home front Bourgoin
b9afeee63f8ea989a359409fe7fd56e4.fsh - Home back Bourgoin

Do this untill all 4 the kit files have got the correct filenames.

Now for the mini-kits...With the new "fifa style" mini-kits there aren't actually a left and right home and away mini-kit anymore but a "centered" one, but the game still needs to load all 4 of the mini-kits to work, so here is what to do...

Step1: You can open the downloaded Toulon mini-kits(if you have downloaded it, comes with the MUP) with fshed to see which one is the away and which one is the home mini-kit, if you have the home-minikit of Toulon(black one) opened it fshed, click on the + next to that name and then click on the "name" tab and you will see some info written in the white block, in this case its "kestrl1"...
l=left and 1-home ; r=right and 2=away, seeing as this is the left home mini-kit you need to give it the left home mini-kit filename of Bourgoin(376b0d57d228f6f2d841663e9ea5130b.fsh), click on file, save as and give it that filename, open the other 3 mini-kit files and do the same with them.

376b0d57d228f6f2d841663e9ea5130b.fsh - Home left minikit - Bourgoin
f3ca24f74b122f0b1971ab7d17f8cba4.fsh - Away left minikit - Bourgoin
5b4680b0da34c9430059b1e8de357b2d.fsh - Home right minikit - Bourgoin
8182dde03ec2953b3e1fe6e94389fd12.fsh - Away right minikit - Bourgoin

Step2: Now you need to change(if its not correct already) kestrl1 in that mini-kit file to kbourl1 with a hex editor, open lets say the newly edited "Home left mini-kit" file 376b0d57d228f6f2d841663e9ea5130b.fsh(which now contain the Home mini-kit of Toulon) with the hex editor, almost right at the end you will see that "kestrl1", use the "replace" method to replace the "estr" bit with "bour", do not replace or delete the "k" or the "l1".

The "bour" for Bourgoin or "wasp" for London Wasps or "fra" for France can be found in the be2970b0ada8e42cf891ce60ffe69575.xml file, its the Logo="" bit at the end of each team's info in that list.

Once done with everything save and put of these files in the rugby 08 main folder.

Hope that this tutorial is not too confusing and that it will help you.
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Nickdnz @ Aug 5 2009, 04:59 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
Will that replace the team name in the "roster editior"?[/b]

No that name you need to change in the teams.csv in the main folder of Woosaah's Rugasmic 08 Editor, you can open that file with notepad.
how to change kitback number inthis teams i use fshed,however,oly kitbck change and others don't change.how to make now?
Hi there

I have all the files needed to create my own team, (I am actually creating our local club rugby teams). I also have the blank 06 rugby jersey template, both front and back. I am not so good with creating my own jerseys in Photo Shop, and would like to find out if someone can help me with a tutorial or something on how to create my own kit.All help will be much appreciated! Thank you all!

just go download the currie cup mod at the bottom of the 1ste page of this forum boland and currie cup is there,iv got it,its brilliant:), and the patch at the top has toulon in it
I opened the data.gob file with BigGui and the .english file wasn't there!!! someone please send it to me!!!!!!

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