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Newport-Gwent Dragons Takeover?



I'm unsure of how many of you know, but the Dragons are having talks over a multi-million takeover bid by a few Gwent based business men. This bid will include a brand new stadium by 2009. The following is what the Dragons have said in their press statement;

Originally posted by Dragons official website

Representatives of a consortium of potential investors have confirmed that a meeting took place on Thursday 3rd May with Martyn Hazell, Chairman of Newport Gwent Dragons, Tony Brown and Gethin Jenkins to discuss the future of the Dragons.

The meeting was convened to discuss a proposal, which could result in the new consortium taking on the franchise to run the Dragons.

The organisation has ambitious plans to build a sports and entertainment complex in or around the Newport area to serve the whole of Gwent and South East Wales. A key part of their sport and entertainment portfolio is a professional rugby franchise.

Both parties confirm that talks are on going and that no further media comment will be issued until they have reached a conclusion

I hope this happens for the Dragons, I used to love watching them when they used to have a top side. They deserve this takeover from the season they had. Considering the lack of talent throughout the side Paul Turner & his assistant Dai Rees has done excellent this season.
This is great news in my opinion.
Dragons are a team with heart and passion and if someone is up for investing millions into the region then it can only be good for Welsh rugby, because right no Dragons are struggling to do anything with their players other than sell them on just to keep afloat.
This money could encourage some sensisble and effective buys (Welsh prefereably, not too many foreigners) of whom would not "block" the way forward of the youngsters of Gwent, but would aide as an experienced member lending valuable knowledge when it counts.
Becuase we all know that Gwent is a massive region of potential as far as young up and coming stars are concerned.
I hope this comes through.

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