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Now that's what I call a phone bill!


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Ouch! That's got to hurt, even the revised amount. I have worked for 2 mobile companies so the "I didn't know" doesn't check out with me, but seriously, how do you rack up such a bill?

What's the biggest phone bill you've ever had? Mine clocks in at just over £100 but that was when I was in Corfu/Athens and I used it lot when in Athens airport to keep me sane.
Yeah, I'd fight that one too. Ridiculous. He's an idiot, but still. Good on the phone company for lowering to what they did, but dear lord, that's a lot of money.
My highest was on a shared plan with my wife, over $600. "I didn't think I made that many calls to Europe." I was piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed. Do you know what the f___ing rates are on a mobile to Europe? NOT GOOD.
Not having any money helps at not spending money.

I can't believe that idiot isn't taking the gesture from the company, and just paying the 3K.
If only people could get fined for being stupid :s
I hope that company now sees how crazy thier rates are. My highest phone bill I've ever had was R2400 (about £250). Which is easy to do in SA as we have the most expense fixed line rates in the world. 3 or 4 people I know got phone bills ranging from R30000 to R70000 from Telkom. They went to the offices to see WTF was going on, phone calls were made to Israel, Nigeria and some other wack places off thier lines. Turns out some guy high up was making corrupt deals and using thier accounts to avoid detection
gullible doesn't quite do this gimp justice now

most I've spent on my phone is â'¬30 and that's only cause the thieving ******** at Orange wipe your credit if you don't top up before the end of the month, so much easier with o2 and no limits on when your credit runs out.
My Highest Bill was £500, and that was because Vodafone f***ed my Contract up big time... if it wasn't for the incompetence of a little f***wit I would only of had to pay £50... f***ing bunch of wankers... I did however get it reduced down to £250 but that was because I forced them and threatened to go to Watchdog over it... I soon quit my contract and went to Orange, which I will now be changing to 02 at some point, because I don't get a good signal at my current place of work...

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