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  1. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    2006 NRL Fixture

    Home team vs. Away team

    Round 1
    March 10-12
    Knights vs. Eels
    Rabbitohs vs. Roosters
    Eagles vs. Raiders
    Broncos vs. Cowboys
    Warriors vs. Storm
    Tigers vs. Dragons
    Bulldogs vs. Panthers
    Sharks BYE

    Round 2
    March 17-19
    Sharks vs. Broncos
    Raiders vs. Knights
    Dragons vs. Panthers
    Roosters vs. Storm
    Eels vs. Warriors
    Cowboys vs. Eagles
    Bulldogs vs. Tigers
    Rabbitohs BYE

    Round 3
    March 24-26
    Tigers vs. Warriors
    Knights vs. Bulldogs
    Rabbitohs vs. Dragons
    Roosters vs. Raiders
    Eagles vs. Sharks
    Broncos vs. Eels
    Cowboys vs. Storm
    Panthers BYE

    Round 4
    March 31-April 2
    Knights vs. Warriors
    Sharks vs. Rabbitohs
    Eels vs. Cowboys
    Dragons vs. Broncos
    Eagles vs. Roosters
    Tigers vs. Storm
    Raiders vs. Panthers
    Bulldogs BYE

    Round 5
    April 7-9
    Sharks vs. Roosters
    Warriors vs. Eagles
    Eels vs. Panthers
    Bulldogs vs. Raiders
    Cowboys vs. Tigers
    Dragons vs. Knights
    Broncos vs. Rabbitohs
    Storm BYE

    Round 6
    April 14-17
    Roosters vs. Broncos
    Eagles vs. Dragons
    Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs
    Raiders vs. Warriors
    Tigers vs. Sharks
    Knights vs. Cowboys
    Panthers vs. Storm
    Eels BYE

    Round 7
    April 21-25
    Eels vs. Tigers
    Storm vs. Knights
    Broncos vs. Panthers
    Dragons vs. Roosters
    Sharks vs. Cowboys
    Warriors vs. Rabbitohs
    Bulldogs vs. Eagles
    Raiders BYE

    Round 8
    April 28-30
    Panthers vs. Sharks
    Warriors vs. Bulldogs
    Broncos vs. Raiders
    Storm vs. Dragons
    Eagles vs. Eels
    Rabbitohs vs. Knights
    Cowboys vs. Roosters
    Tigers BYE

    Test Match May 5
    Australia vs. New Zealand

    Round 9
    May 6-7
    Cowboys vs. Panthers
    Knights vs. Broncos
    Eels vs. Raiders
    Tigers vs. Eagles
    Roosters vs. Bulldogs
    Rabbitohs vs. Storm
    Sharks vs. Dragons
    Warriors BYE

    City v Country May 12

    Round 10
    May 13-14
    Storm vs. Cowboys
    Tigers vs. Knights
    Broncos vs. Eagles
    Dragons vs. Warriors
    Raiders vs. Sharks
    Bulldogs vs. Eels
    Panthers vs. Rabbitohs
    Roosters BYE

    Round 11
    May 19-21
    Roosters vs. Rabbitohs
    Knights vs. Raiders
    Warriors vs. Tigers
    Bulldogs vs. Sharks
    Eagles vs. Storm
    Panthers vs. Eels
    Broncos BYE
    Dragons BYE
    Cowboys BYE

    State of Origin 1 May 24

    Round 12
    May 26-28
    Sharks vs. Warriors
    Broncos vs. Bulldogs
    Cowboys vs. Raiders
    Storm vs. Panthers
    Knights vs. Dragons
    Rabbitohs vs. Tigers
    Eels vs. Roosters
    Eagles BYE

    Round 13
    June 2-4
    Panthers vs. Eagles
    Storm vs. Roosters
    Dragons vs. Eels
    Raiders vs. Rabbitohs
    Tigers vs. Cowboys
    Bulldogs vs. Knights
    Warriors vs. Broncos
    Sharks BYE

    Round 14
    June 9-11
    Raiders vs. Bulldogs
    Panthers vs. Dragons
    Eels vs. Storm
    Roosters vs. Warriors
    Rabbitohs vs. Broncos
    Cowboys vs. Sharks
    Eagles vs. Tigers
    Knights BYE

    State of Origin 2 Jun 14

    Round 15
    June 16-18
    Broncos vs. Dragons
    Tigers vs. Roosters
    Bulldogs vs. Cowboys
    Storm vs. Raiders
    Warriors vs. Knights
    Eels vs. Rabbitohs
    Sharks vs. Eagles
    Panthers BYE

    Round 16
    June 23-25
    Panthers vs. Tigers
    Dragons vs. Cowboys
    Storm vs. Bulldogs
    Rabbitohs vs. Warriors
    Raiders vs. Roosters
    Eagles vs. Broncos
    Knights vs. Sharks
    Eels BYE

    Round 17
    June 30-July 2
    Warriors vs. Panthers
    Eagles vs. Knights
    Broncos vs. Sharks
    Raiders vs. Eels
    Tigers vs. Bulldogs
    Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs
    Roosters BYE
    Dragons BYE
    Storm BYE

    State of Origin 3 Jul 5

    Round 18
    July 7-9
    Roosters vs. Eagles
    Sharks vs. Tigers
    Bulldogs vs. Warriors
    Dragons vs. Rabbitohs
    Panthers vs. Raiders
    Storm vs. Broncos
    Eels vs. Knights
    Cowboys BYE

    Round 19
    July 14-16
    Roosters vs. Sharks
    Panthers vs. Cowboys
    Knights vs. Storm
    Warriors vs. Eels
    Rabbitohs vs. Eagles
    Raiders vs. Tigers
    Dragons vs. Bulldogs
    Broncos BYE

    Round 20
    July 21-23
    Eagles vs. Panthers
    Tigers vs. Eels
    Knights vs. Rabbitohs
    Bulldogs vs. Roosters
    Storm vs. Sharks
    Cowboys vs. Broncos
    Raiders vs. Dragons
    Warriors BYE

    Round 21
    July 28-30
    Panthers vs. Warriors
    Roosters vs. Cowboys
    Rabbitohs vs. Raiders
    Broncos vs. Tigers
    Eels vs. Eagles
    Dragons vs. Storm
    Sharks vs. Knights
    Bulldogs BYE

    Round 22
    August 4-6
    Storm vs. Tigers
    Roosters vs. Knights
    Warriors vs. Sharks
    Rabbitohs vs. Panthers
    Cowboys vs. Bulldogs
    Eels vs. Dragons
    Raiders vs. Broncos
    Eagles BYE

    Round 23
    August 11-13
    Broncos vs. Storm
    Bulldogs vs. Dragons
    Panthers vs. Roosters
    Knights vs. Eagles
    Tigers vs. Raiders
    Sharks vs. Eels
    Warriors vs. Cowboys
    Rabbitohs BYE

    Round 24
    August 18-20
    Eagles vs. Rabbitohs
    Sharks vs. Panthers
    Cowboys vs. Knights
    Bulldogs vs. Broncos
    Dragons vs. Tigers
    Roosters vs. Eels
    Storm vs. Warriors
    Raiders BYE

    Round 25
    August 25-27
    Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys
    Eels vs. Broncos
    Warriors vs. Roosters
    Knights vs. Panthers
    Dragons vs. Sharks
    Raiders vs. Storm
    Eagles vs. Bulldogs
    Tigers BYE

    Round 26
    September 1-3
    Broncos vs. Warriors
    Tigers vs. Rabbitohs
    Storm vs. Eagles
    Sharks vs. Raiders
    Cowboys vs. Eels
    Roosters vs. Dragons
    Panthers vs. Bulldogs
    Knights BYE

    Venues for the matches will be confirmed by the clubs, while dates for the matches will be released at least five weeks in advance.
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  3. littleduck

    littleduck Guest

    Round 1
    March 10-12

    Knights vs. Eels - 25,000 sellout @ energy australia
    Rabbitohs vs. Roosters - 25,000 @ sydney football stadium
    Eagles vs. Raiders - 18,000 @ brookvale
    Broncos vs. Cowboys - 46,000 sellout @ lang park
    Warriors vs. Storm - 17,000 @ ericsson
    Tigers vs. Dragons - 43,000 @ telstra
    Bulldogs vs. Panthers - 21,000 @ telstra

    Sharks BYE

    ROUND 1 crowds = 195,000
  4. uis that tickets already sold???....howd u get that info?
  5. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    i think he is just guessing but yeah looks about right
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    its a fair assumption

    league is back baby!!!
  7. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Yeah, that sounds about right. Rounds 1-5 have generally been packing out the grounds in the last couple years.

    Roosters are playing Souths again in round 1! Should be good, we can get revenge on those pricks for their dirty play in our last game.
  8. Wally

    Wally Guest

    The numbers always fall dramatically after the first few rounds. Rugby league will never pose a threat to rugby union or AFL crowds. Soccer's A-League could even cause them some problems in a few years time. It is relatively close at the moment with a regular season average of around 11 - 12, 000 - which is a lot better than the NRL's debut year.
  9. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Not if they can help it. I hear they're going to slap up Craig Wing with a couple of Erikson mobile phones in the round 1 clash.
  10. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I saw Joe Williams and Sutton @ Bronte on the weekend.

    They look fit and are ready for 2006.

    From 2005 indication, the bunnies will be a force if these 2 can stay fit.

    But Harrison will be out for retubution in the tri colours, should be a good match IMO
  11. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    AFL yeah, but Rugby Union? The Super 12(14) crowds are always pretty high because they're all state teams, and not clubs... The Waratah's average around 20-25,000 I think, but they represent all of NSW and only have a small number of home games each year. Realistically, you should probably compare their crowds with the Blues crowds at Origin time... and you know who would come out on top there. Or if you think that's not right, then get an aggregate of all Sydney NRL teams averages and put them togeather to see which comes out higher.
    Rugby League IS Australia's second biggest code, the GF last year got 4.3 million viewers to the AFL's 5 million, which is incredible considering the AFL had 2 non Victorian teams in it (Sydney being it's biggest piggyback) and was televised live all through the country! Whereas the NRL GF featured 2 teams from the traditional rugby league states and was not given live coverage in states such as SA, WA... If Sydney had not featured in the AFL then their numbers would have been closer to 4.5 million or less... Which means that the gap between the AFL and NRL is closing and not widening.

    The A-League is doing alright, but it didn't begin in a heap of controversy which saw people turn away from the sport like the NRL did... Generally speaking though, soccer needs to get the working class on its side for it to get any where near toppling Rugby League, and that just hasn't happened... I heard on radio that a recent survey said most working class people had no interest whatsoever in soccer or the A-League. Part of the problem with the A-League is that it's only on FOX, which reduces its accessability... a lot of people don't even know if its still going now! And then of course not even all Aussie soccer fans will support it... I know several guys where I work who play soccer and love the EPL etc, but won't watch the A-League because of the "low standard of play"...
  12. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I know! And we've got Anasta on board, which is pretty pleasing considering how well he played last year in a struggling Dogs outfit!
  13. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Mate I don't know where you got those figures from, neither grand final got close to those ratings.

    And I know you can't compare Super 12 / 14 to the NRL, I was just pointing out that it does draw high crowds. However the only place that the state / city thing comes into place is in New South Wales. The Queensland Reds can be compared to the Brisbane Broncos because there is only one team from each code in Brisbane. Despite being the smallest crowd puller out of the Australian side the Reds draw a similar average crowd to the Brisbane Broncos, which consequently is the biggest crowd pulling franchise in the NRL by same way. But obviously you still can't compare the two competitions because the Super 14 is about 10 rounds shorter than the NRL. I predict crowds to rise to AFL levels for the Australian Super 14 teams this year. I think the season crowd averages will look something like this..

    Queensland Reds: 29, 000
    ACT Brumbies: 21, 000
    New South Wales Waratahs: 36, 000
    Western Force: 38, 000

    Total average 31, 000 - even if that was the competition was as long the NRL and the crowds were halved (which they wouldn't be) it would still be around the same as the NRL.

    No matter what you might think, the AFL is ever increasing the gap between itself and the rest of Australia's football code. It is the one true national code (after cricket) with well supported teams from all states (that matter).
  14. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    your not wrong here

    everyone wants to see BIGDELL in SKYBLUE

    he himself will bring everyone to the first few games, and if he booms like LOTE, expect each game to sellout with ease.

    DELL will boosst the Tahs crowds by 5% IMO.........20% in the 1st few games.

    Once hated, now we love him [​IMG]
  15. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I got them from LU a while back, I'd have to did to find a source... but they are roughly what the final ratings are after taking into account all regional area's etc combined with the city-suberb ratings... The initial ratings that come out are just those for the major cities.
    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    The swans and Lions are just bandwagoner teams Wally... Didn't the Lions ratings etc drop pretty significantly last year when they went badly? Doesn't Iron Shef outrate swans games in Sydney when they're not playing badly? No matter what Victorians might think, the AFL isn't very different to the NRL. It's just the VFL with other teams tacted on to make it reach further, much like the NRL is just the NSWRL with other teams tacted on... The only difference is that the Super League war heavily crippled Rugby League for several years and gave the AFL a chance to take ground! Which incidently is quite ironic considering that the only reason Murdoch invested so much in rugby league was because as both the AFL and League were expanding his analysts conducted a study which projected that Rugby League would take over AFL at the rate it was growing.
  16. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Well the AFL certainly has the numbers on them at the moment. Sponsorship, advertising, television rights - it all equals money and exposure. The amount of people playing Aussie Rules is phenomenal also.

    Don't think I'm on their side though, if I could help it rugby union and rugby league would be the only summer footy codes.
  17. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    True. But the NRL is playing its cards right at the moment and expanding well each year... They should probably make it an 18 team comp eventually, starting teams in Adelaide and Perth again. Did you know that the Western Reds were getting crowds of 30k? People in Perth would still go for rugby league given the chance, especially as the number of home games the FORCE will get would be limited in comparison.
  18. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Here's an interesting article from Brisbane BTW that I've just come across from after the NRL GF:

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Interesting from a Qld perspective.
  19. Wally

    Wally Guest

    I believe they started well in Perth and Adelaide but things got desparately bad. They wouldn't have folded otherwise. Perth now belongs to rugby union, I don't think rugby league has a chance to survive there. Queensland is strongly a rugy league state, as Victoria is an AFL one. New South Wales is split but mostly in rugby league's favour, the is rest is mainly AFL and cricket, with a sprinkling of rugby union.
  20. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    You think so? Cricket is strong everywhere, but in Sydney the AFL GF gets around a quarter of what the NRL GF rates usually...
  21. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Anasta is overrated mate

    Sure you do need a 5/8th though...and he is the best on the market

    But I strongly doubt he will answer your troubles

    The whole backline doesnt gel like the fittler days

    Anasta is a punters nightmare

    1 week on fire
    the next tragic

    I reckon Firman if given more of a go, would have found his place like he has at the cowboys, but hot head ricky didnt budge


    the answer to your troubles, Anasta too overrated.....heck Jason Smith, the ole timer was better then him........based on Dally M's and independent ratings from LU.COM, and Smith was injured for 6 games for the dally m count to go against him............heck i gotto stop, i am bleeding green already!!!
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