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NZ v France, RWC99 Semi-final

No messing about, straight into the scrum.
Scrum called, formed, free kick given, taken, ruck happened, turned over and subsequent penalty for holding on.
4 phases
20 years later, the ref would just about be on "crouch"
Gotta say - that first half especially, was not how my memory suggested it was.
Take out the hype, take out the month leading up to it, and France were the better team for 80, not just 40.

Take out Lomu, and the score could very easily have been 20-10 the other way around at half time!

Speed of scrums always stands out in these old matches.

The other stand out is how skillfully the SHs are compared to now. Both were throwing accurate passes that I wouldn't put any money on any current SH making badly. Both were making passes at distances Ben Youngs can only dream of, and making them accurately, rather than the 5m radius that he'd require!

What was the penalty count at half time? 12-1? 14-1?
I thought that was "literally impossible" according to 2007-era kiwis? ;)
Great semi. I still remember it and was gobsmacked at the end.:eek:

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