Off Loads !!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by funksoulbrother, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. How hard can it be to get this in the game???

    Come on EA - rugby 2006 - make it happen
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  3. umaga

    umaga Guest

    you are an idiot. why make to threads about what you dont like. if you dont like rugby 2005 go play WCR you WNKR
  4. I like rugby 2005 - just think if we say what we dont like then possibly the makers of the game will hear about it and make the next game better
  5. umaga

    umaga Guest

    my apologies then [​IMG]
  6. ninjapirate

    ninjapirate Guest

    umaga, you need to get a little friendlier.
  7. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    Chill out umuga, he has a point.

    Off loads would improve it. I often find it hard to pass (or do any moves for that matter) unless I execute the move a good 5 yards or so ahead of the opposition player. Should not of course allow off loads ALL the time you are tackled, just when you are "half tackled".

    The game does have many good points though, I don't want to sound like I'm moaning. Played it for almost 8 hours virtually non stop with some mates yesterday (on x box). As soon as I can re-configure the controls for pc version, hope to get some hours in on pc aswell (any suggestions on this would be welcome).
  8. jonwebb

    jonwebb Guest

    Spoke to Andrew Wilson at the Australian Preview at Sydney. I asked about being able to offload while falling or close to the ground. He said and i quote: That there were too many animations to fit in a short space of time.

    You will notice while playing the game that some players get there hands free to pass the ball, in saying this they were probably half way there then due to time restrictions stopped.

    If there is one thing lacking in Rugby 2005 (besides kicking) its off loads. If they added this it would smash WCR and JLR to peices.

    Maybe we should wait for the next version as all they need to do is add the below:

    - Offloads
    - Forward Plays eg: Pick n Go, Mauling, Offloading off the ground (Wont work if too many players in the Ruck) and Driving Teammates over the advantage line. These can be defended by choosing the right Defence.
    - Better Graphics
    - More Tackling Animations
    - Better Kicking
    - Better AI (No more Forwards running in packs)
    - Create your own Set plays

    The list is endless. But at least the list gets shorter with each version. Look at Madden.
  9. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    If ya going to do something u should do your best no matter what it takes

    i understand $$ could be an issue for preventing some things

    but time??? - what a crock man

    i would have waited longer for offloads

    offloads and manual rucking have to be top notch priority for 2006

    if this is left to last again, to be subject to time contraints once again the brains using the technology is f**ked

    it is crunch time now (if 2006 will go ahead), and they gotto realise for Rugby Union purposes leaving these 2 things out turns it into half assed rugby league
  10. lemon

    lemon Guest

    Saying that time constraints is a crock, is a crock.

    Whether you'd wait longer "for offloads" makes no difference to how much can be put into a PLAYABLE game BEFORE deadline.

    You can imagine everyones reaction if they put offloads in the game but the animations were wrong - everyone would be complaining about how the ball just pops out or something.

    Saying "just put offloads in" doesn't take as long as the months it could actually take to implement.
  11. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    incorporate it in the 12 months development plan from month 1, and there will be no time contrainsts

    dont go do other things like create-a-player options as priority
    fix step a, before moving to step b

    Step a should be manual rucks
    Step b should be offloads

    this 2 steps are the core foundations of a rugby experience

    if u say u had no time, it sends the impression u werent concentrating on it in the first place

    deadlines should be scrapped or extended if the foundations are NOT ready - just ask the architect of the leaning tower of pisa

    dont rush it in humble pie format for us users to suffer this pathetic unprofessional approach, with no offloads or manual rucks - which is clearly the biggest gripe this game has to offer
  12. lemon

    lemon Guest

    Yeah but look at the leap from 2**4 to 2005. That's a lot to fit into one development cycle - more than likely offloads were WAY down the list and the manual ruck was probably way down the list also (seems they used the same engine as 2004 for rucks). but they stacked a HEAP into this version not the least of which is a bizzillion new animations which is the prettiest part of this game...

    What I'm saying is, making a game like this is a mission and getting particular game elements right could take MONTHS, so it's not surprising they focus on the stuff they want to nail first and other things may not meet deadline. Just mean theres a (very) good base to build on for next time (rather than a **** base to build on).

  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    this was meant to be 2004

    they are a game/year behind lemon and we all know it

    it only came on leaps and bounds simply coz they screwed it in the first place

    u cannot give them credit in regards to how much better it is than 2004
    u can only blame them for how bad 2004 was, and 2005 to say the least should be atleast as good as it really should be better if they used FIFA technology

    i was honestly expecting manual rucks - thats what most previews and Andrew wilson said in the build up

    to say they could NOT fit it in is like with 2004 how they scrapped the unlockables.

    its obvious none of these guys have time managament skills, and it didnt improve from 2004, to 2005, coz they could NOT fit other things as said by AW (A ******)himself
  14. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    You can off load. It just doesn't happen very often.
  15. AK47 is so right in regards to 04
  16. GarVanNeath

    GarVanNeath Guest

    Only way to feasibly have forward plays is to have a camera mode similar to Madden and ESPN, viz, a mode that zooms slightly when the ball is in the ruck/maul/scrum/lineout and then which comes out a bit when the ball is out with the backs.

    This would work great if executed properly. With Madden and ESPN, you can toggle the camera modes, so that on a passing play the camera is further away and on running plays it stays in closer. Some the running plays on ESPN are almost tantamount to a maul, so forward plays in rugby video games are certainly achievable. This toggling of the camera is done automatically when you enable this mode.

    By analogy, with rugby games, you need a closer view to manage forward plays, and when you get the ball out the backs, you need a longer view to enable passing and kicking. Also, this would clearly let you know when the ball was out of the forwards, since the camera would automatically come back a bit. Forward play is such a big part of the game that this has to come in to it at some stage - perhaps Rugby 2006/WCR2 ??
  17. I have offloaded loads of times, you just have to time the pass right.
  18. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    When you say you have "offloaded", do you mean a real, proper offload?

    So the defender has made contact and the pass has then gone out?

    I've noticed that the AI can do it sometimes.

    Also, for all you dummy-ers out there:

    Can you actually throw a dummy so that you can see it happen? I can get the commentator to mention it, but the player just sort he is trying to get his shorts from up the crack of his arse.

    Again, I have seen the AI do outrageous dummies.

    Oh, and do the AI defenders actually fall for it? On which difficulties, too (the sidestep works well on medium, but not on hard, for example).


  19. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    When you time a pass right you will still let the ball go once hit, so i guess this is an offload and works well as you have drawn in a defender, there is no animation for it the ball just flys out.
    The 'shake' is all your going to get, sometimes if you hold onto one for ages it looks better, but its hard to time. Dummies work in easy and normal difficulty but not on hard, you just dont have the time to do one, the defence is up so quick that you just have time to pass!! I managed to sell a dummie to the fullback and go all the way on normal mode, but alas, those days are gone, im permanantly on hard mode now, and special moves do work(sidestep etc) just not nearly as often.
  20. Yep, thats what i meant, i have scored tries that come of an offload, pure class when you get it right.
  21. lazy_chesnut

    lazy_chesnut Guest

    Hard mode has really began to **** me off now.

    There is no point whatsoever in having a good running fly-half, because you have to pass straight away or get knacked by the opposition.

    In real life, it would be so easy to exploit the way that one defender rushes up - just step him and away you go.

    Unfortunately you can' do that. I've tried god-knows-how-many times, but just get wasted every time.

    I wish normal mode just had less of a gap at 12 and 13, because the rest of the play is so much better on normal.

    Hard is just silly. I played England v Georgia in the RWC and couldn't move the ball up the pitch at all. The defense was just up too quickly everytime. All I ended up doing was just running diagonally away and passing up the line as quickly as possible. It was really boring.

    Anyway, rant over.

    Back to normal mode for me!

    Just got to pick a worse team. Actually, England is a worse team these days!
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