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On the fly??



Does anyone know anything about this "on the fly" play calls?? Is it somthing they've used in Madden games or somthing or has there been any other info on this aspect of the game cos it sounds interesting.
calling plays in general gameplay...eg.your first 5...got the ball in open play and you press dpad or where ever its assigned to...and he calls a play which the players around him execute while he playmakers...proberly stuff like wrap-arounds..cut-out passes to an inside pass...
Its exactly the same as Playmaker Mode on the Madden Games... and it sounds similar to that off the ball stuff on FIFA 2005
It is about time. This is long overdue. Even rugby at the lower levels have organised plays at rucks or mauls.

Hope you can pre-choose/customise your POTF a bit like the soccer and gridiron games.
Depends if the standoff is by default too close....then they might, otherwise no point.

Though the standoff dropping into the pocket is an integral part of the game.
since they said on the fly i think you can call for a player to cut when your running or on a break.

Instead of the 2004 version where you call it and da players do it and even if you can see the play isnt going to work the players still do it.

so this on the fly play calling will help the game flow
Is this going to be something just from rucks and mauls and the breakdown or just in general open play whenever and wherever ?

I could see some very unpredictable results if its just in general open play. It must be very hard to calculate depending on where players are in relation and where you are on the field.
in madden before the play was called u could audible n tell players where 2 stand.For example say you want your players to cover deep but you wanna rush the quarterback.You could have all your players run up and stand at the line of scrimmage to make it look like a blitz.

But when the quarterback says hut all your players run back deep while a few blitz...

neway heres n article about on the fly play calling

says the anolog stick will be used for dummies n on the fly calling as i think the big hit tackles will be to juss like madden.
Originally posted by knowsleyroader@Jan 23 2005, 09:12 PM
What did it do in Madden again ? Did it just call an audible ?
Sort of, but with playmaker you could make slight variations of the play while still keeping the same play. For example if your ''X'' reciever was gonna run up a tiny bit, than cut left you can change it so the reciever just keeps running straight ahead, so it changes the play while giving no visual confirmation that anythings different

You can also do this even after the ball has been snapped. So say if you decide to scramble with your quaterback you can control your blockers even when controlling a QB running at full speed.
the off the ball stuff is like when perhaps, you have a scrum, call a play and take control of the outhalf, then you can run freely, perhaps back into the pocket etc, then tap the pass button and your scrummie will fling the ball out to you.
wat bout 'off the ball' control from fifa...which makes you control someone without the ball with the right analogue.. how mad wud that be...grab your outside center then sprint at a gap then give him a flat ball...f$#%^ amazing!

juss hope u wudnt recieve a good healthy hit from brian lima or viliami satala or dan luger.....better to big hit someone without him seeing you!!
yeah kinkon that's what i was on about in my above post.

i've played nba live 2005 and it uses that system too, when off the ball button (r3) is pressed, you concede control of the point guard and choose another play to control eventhough he isn't in control of the ball. With this player you can run around and get open of the shot, make a block etc.

Off the ball and Play maker are two different functions.
NBA also uses the D-Pad to call certain formations when attacking or defending- so maybe this will be used for calling drift defense or telling your backs line to line up inside or outside their opposite number. When attacking I suppose it could be used to call certain run patterns and then it's up to you as the ten to give the ball to a certain strike runner, with the others ending up as dummy runners. I f the d-pad was used in this way then the right stick could be used once the ball is in open play to make more minor adjustments- I remember on last year's madden you could nudge it forward or back to call a blitz or pass coverage after the snap. This could be used in rugby in a similair way to charge the attacking line or to hang back slightly and drift. In terms of off the ball control, i liked the suggestion of using it to pick a line with a centre and hope that makes it into the game. Apologies if these suggestions are a bit backs-orientated but I am one, so will let one of you big fellas suggest uses for forwards - madden's various controls change for linemen or linebackers before the snap so sure rugby's could too...

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