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Our best enemy !



Even if this match is more than special for both side of the channel, respect is the first word who come to me if i try to talk about the tonight big crunch.
The HC, played in the mud of European winter, did more than Eurocrats for a mutual knowledge of our two old nations.
Paradoxally, Berny is fascinated by English game and especially by Ellis while BA is fascinated by P.Villepreux which is the pope of the French flair style.
So, even if I'll become an animal during this fantastic big crunch, at the end, I will be sad for you.
Come on England
Allez les bleus.

M Two One

Allez les bleus!

Let's see a great match today. One that perhaps ends as one of the greatest in history and moves France into the finals.


Oui allez les Bleus et Bonne Chance.

So, if french player can stop Wilkinson i thing it will be an other great match for France in his history.
But England have good Props, Flankers..
I wich France win for this 90th match against England (i think im not sure <_< )

Allez Les Bleus
Go France and French Flair :cheers:

An Tarbh

I wouldn't be overly worried about Jonny Wilkinson in tonight's game, he hasn't set the tournament on fire as far as I'm concerned.

As for having good props, that's a matter of opinion, especially with the best of them on the bench.

It seems to me that Gomersal is the one to worry about, he's been making England tick since he's come into the side and if the French can rattle him then I wouldn't expect much of a performance from England tonight.

That said the French usually choke after their big wins so the safe money is on an England win.

Screw the logic, it doesn't exist over here.


I wouldn't be overly worried about Jonny Wilkinson in tonight's game, he hasn't set the tournament on fire as far as I'm concerned.[/b]

And yet he has morphed England from 0-36 against the boks, to 12-10 against the wallabies. If France let Wilkinson have time and space, England will be in the final.

Lets have a good game, and one of these sides to win the cup.

An Tarbh

you seem to be forgetting that Perry also started that game with Mike Catt, slight difference in class between them and Gomersal and Wilkinson, it's not all down to Jonny you know.


We miss Harry Ellis [/b]

We bloody well don't miss that useless little gobshite, unless you want even slower ball then even Jonny Howard or, heaven forbid, Shaun Perry could provide. Gommersall hads prooven to be a revilation since his introduction while Danny Care will have made the England 9 shirt his own bu the end of this season. There is no place in the England team for Ellis, he's not good enough.

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