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best try of the world cup?

The terrific try scored by Martin Aramburu, during the 3rd place final. A rugby masterpiece.
in my opinion it was the joao correia try ( portugal ) against all blacks. portugal is an amateur team and that try against all blacks is an icone in the world cup
Have to agree with ChuBaKa, the Habana try vs Argentina was amazing.

(The one where he kicked it over their heads and picked it up again, not the intercept try)
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This Has To Be The Best Try Of The RWC.
Who would have thought Habana would have been smoked? I didn't realize that we had a cheetah in the US Squad!
Brilliant try, great team work and a brilliant finisher. I hope some pro club snaps him up.
The Japan try against Wales with Endo finishing. Superb try from their own tryline.
For me the best try of the world cup is the try coming from the USA against South Africa.
I don't remember the name of the winger who speed on this try and let on his back Habana. But great try and nice job of all the USA team.