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Try of the Tournament

agreed the USA vs. SA try for me was an amazing moment and I don't think any of us will ever see Habana again in a 1 on 1, hardly any space and STILL totally outpaced on the outside, only a 10.5 second 100m runner could do that, but the beautiful mini sidesteps to make sure Habana wasn't surefooted.

The Japan vs. Wales try was superb, as everything went to hand and even though he didn't actually ground the ball correctly, I didn't care, it was too good a try not to award and Wales had won by a country mile.

Also though for a try that totally brought an otherwise mediocre affair to life, Scotland's 2nd try against Argentina I enjoyed. Mainly because the Scots were getting close to scoring, then the Argies turned it over and had a bloody good run back, scaring the Scots only for the Scots to storm back and get a superb try, all within the same period of play without any resets.
Well, on the subject of Habana - I liked his first try against Argentina in the semi.

That mini-punt to send the ball juuuust over their heads, then catching it and diving in just about one single motion. Maybe not spectacular, but you can't argue that that was expertly done.
The biggest try of the Tournament so far:

The burst by Michalak setting up Jauzion versus New Zealand. What a time to produce a try of that calibre to put the favourites out:

Jauzion destroys All Black hearts

What is going on here? This video is no longer available on youtube due to RWC copyright claim. Are they attempting a cover up? :D Does anyone know?

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