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Upset of the tournament

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lol at us getting knocked out of the Quarter Finals.

But hey your entitled to your opinion, even if you have to use double standards when forming it.

If you say so. Argentina, Ireland and France will all have teams that can beat New Zealand at the World Cup. The second placed team of these three will play an NZ team which has had far easier matches. I could go on...

Doesn't mean I am correct, but then again I made good money in the 1999 World Cup when I put money on France beating New Zealand. I did this after seeing NZ play Scotland in the QF's and France play Argentina (whom everyone thought were crap. lol at that). France looked superb and thanks to them I made myself some easy money.

No double standards used at all btw. The only laughing about NZ at the World Cup has been against the All Blacks. Who else, picked France to win? Who picked Australia to win in 1991 or 2003? Or South Africa in 1995. In all cases NZ were red hot favourites but in all cases lost because they were shut down by their opponents who, like France / Argentina / Ireland, play very different styles of rugby. This tells us that there is a variety of ways to beat New Zealand. The 2004-2006 All Blacks have not been dominating by setting up tries, they have generally been scoring lucky tries and many 50-50 tries after gaining the lead through the Johnny Wilkinson factor, i.e. Carters boot. Without penalties and this luck their results wouldn't read as they do. Look at NZ's win against Argentina in 2006 as an example. The try that won the game happened in a tackle when Nunez Pieosec stopped the All Black only for the ball to roll forward off his leg and enable an try. Without that try Argentina would have won the match. NZ beat England in 2005 thanks to two forward passes, that weren't called, enabling Tana Umaga to score twice. NZ won the game by two points. I could go on.

Scoring tries from 60 metres out shows skills, no doubt but this is what NZ have always done and come World Cup time they have always been stopped. In contrast a team like England has lost plenty of games by 6 or under because it hasn't had the same luck. This could all change.

NZ are favourites again and should win again but does this mean they will? You have heard from me. Who knows if it will change how you think. My question to you is, did you eat your hat after the 2003 World Cup semi?

1 game, 1 upset - Ireland to beat New Zealand in QF
If a New Zealand "upset" is going to come, then it will be thanks to that of another SH nation. France are the only guys that could ideally step it up, and can do so in a world cup, but i think you have to look to the impressive SA to do the business over in my opinion.
But that's if NZ get beaten.

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