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your thoughts on the tournament so far?

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well im looking forward to the finals...i believe who ever makes that stage will make this a more interesting and tougher competition...and thats not ruling out the northerners...i believe there wont be the blow out scores..and i reckon alot of teams will jus play conservative..everyone seems abit shaky..even the ab's...and i guess they like all the attention that the bokkes are getting as favorites..the finals will be tight
well...i got to say that fiji/wales match has been one of the best so far..along with the argentina/french match..and the south african/tongan game...i dont expect much from the remaining games except for the irish/argentina match but if all goes according to the pumas game plan then they should have that in the match

all the minnows have stood up and we are now closing in on the finals..which will hopefully see argentina through and also another contribution from the fijians...and after watching what tonga did to the bokkes im not gonna be suprised by ANY result from that quater final clash between the sth africans and the fijians

im confident that the all blacks are on the right trail..and who ever faces them in the quaters will have to some sort of drug enhancement because we will see the best allblack team on that field and 4years of planning will sit on this day...what is to happen between the english on the aussies..i dunno..australia can still win this and are potent especially against the allblacks and thats when they lift to there best...the boks will test there new skillset against one of the more dangerous teams but im predicting a comfortable victory for them (im still not gonna be suprised if the result goes either way)

watch out for argentina..they are pretty much the new french team of the past and they will beat anyside on there day..from what the french have produced it will take alot more then that to progress in any finals match...

so my picks based on what we have seen....its gonna be between nz/south africa/argetina and the aussies....thats the order i have it in..and this could go either way..which is scary for an nz supporter but also makes for great viewing as a rugby supporter

The highlight for me has been the emergence of a couple of new names to threaten the existing order, just what international rugby needs at this time. Italy were well in contention for their 1st-ever shot at a quarter-final. They could well have won their decider against Scotland, which would`ve set up a QF featuring 2 predominantly football-mad countries, which can only be good for world rugby.

Fiji seem to have stepped out of the shadows of their illustrious 7`s background by qualifying for the playoffs with what was an excellently planned campaign. Resting most of their stars for the Aussie game, and heavily targetting the Wales game showed some commendable judgement and campaign management. They`re growing up as a 15`s team.

The performances of a couple of teams who didn`t make it this time around was also excellent. Tonga showed that they belong at this level. Georgia put the fear of God into the Irish, comfortably accounted for Namibia and held the Argies to 3 tries right up to the full-time whistle. The spirit and enthusiasm of Portugal and Namibia has been infectious and brilliantly refreshing.

For me, there have been 2 big disappointments though. Firstly the majority of the 6-nations teams that haven`t performed up to scratch. World rugby needs for these teams to be competitive, a 3-team show for top honours ain`t gonna grow the game into the future. Counties like Ireland, who have been very successful at age-group level a few years ago, England with their huge playing numbers and resources and Wales with their passion needs to shape by the time RWC2011 comes along. Not going to flog a horse that`s down, I do hope and believe that the administrative problems faced by the major NH teams should be sorted by then.

But a very worrying trend for me has been football-style diving and simulation, something that needs to be sorted ASAP.

And finally, on the future participation of 20 teams in the RWC, I`m really liking Brodizzle`s idea of a plate and shield comp. for the teams eliminated from the top 8. Not often that I`ll agree with an Aussie on rugby-related issues :blink: , so there`s gotta be some serious merit in it!
Playing our possible last game? in Wales is so so so so so so so so so so stupid. :huh: :wall:
We are showing the world 3 aspects, we are 1/over confident 2/stupid 3/honest...
To be honest I think this world cup has not been as good as it could have been. The only thing that has kept it alive is the so called minnows who have suprised everyone by being alot more competitive than expected.

Other than that I don't think it has been a very good world cup so far maybe now that its the finals it might have a sudden surge but the thing I can't stand is why did they have to stretch it over 7 weeks it makes it way too long.

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