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I don't know if u can. At the moment i'm trying to save mods on a USB stick and plug into my PS2 to mod game. However i am in need of some help.
Sure you can with a modded PS2, or with use of a slide card. Saving PC mods to a USB stick then transferring them to PS2 will not work, you need to patch the game file, with a specific patch then re-write it to CD to play on your Backup Capable PS2.
I believe it's out next year.........

...its called "rugby 2006" and will see only some of the gameplay issues fixed, whilst other gameplay bugs will be added (but don't be too worried it will have MORE teams, and even a "16 nations" tournament to play!!!!!......)
Right, 'hypnotised' if that's your real name, a PS2 has USB ports. If u can modify files on PS2 like is done on PC it will work. My assumption at the moment is that u can. 'Eye Toy' - my brother has on - inserts in to the USB port, i may be mistaken but i was sure that an 'Eye Toy' symbol came up in the browser. Now if a symbol comes up for a USB stick u should be able transfer the files to your memory card and work from there? However, my USB does not seem to be working proply at the moment and does not seem to be recognising the files. I am not buying a new one yet and if someone could explain the process for doing it or explain why it can't be done like this i would very much appreciate it.
"Jacko" Assumptions aren't good enough, even if you get the patch (a non existent PS2 patch at this stage) Putting it on your USB stick is one thing but applying it is another. If this was possible then there would be previous mention of it and people wouldn't be patching PES4 PS2 the way that they do.

Who cares anyway it's just a damn game.

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