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Paul Miller Discussion



Originally posted by Kimmy_The_Kiwi@Jul 13 2006, 08:43 PM
Which was the game where Jerry got sent off. Bahaha i remember that, poor Jerry, everyone was booing him (except me, i was laughing and cheering for him :p ). He didnt even care that he got sent off haha.

*sigh* I wish Miller was playing for us this season ffs. Stoopid Japan!!
nah that game that collins head highed miller was last year or the year before, lomu and cullen weren't playing in that game, and i think we got our asses kicked in that game. The one was talking about was like a few years before that, and we kicked wellingtons arse, and everytime lomu got tackled there was a big cheer from the croud,

and also i couldn't kind that southland stags thread i think it got deleted cause it was too old, so i started a new stags thread under southern hemisther rugby (club and provincial) So we can now dicuss the staggs there

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