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Phil Bennett
Phill Bennett was born in 1948, and without doubt is the most easy on the eye player to watch. He made his debut for wales in 1969 and played for them up until 1978. He made his debut against France is 1969 at the age of 20, when he became the first international substitute used in international rugby. Phil bennett up until, 1972 played centre of full back, but he was most comfortable at 10, and when the legendary Barry John retired Bennett was a worthy replacemtn to full the most famous jersey in world rugby. The WELSH NUMBER 10. He toured on the lions to south africa and scored some 103 pts. scoring a 50 yrd try against pretoria.

Bennett went onto captain the 1977 lions on tour to nz, although they were unsuccessful Bennett came out of the tour with much acclaim. Phill Bennett during his time with wales won 3 grand slams and played for the barbarians a staggering 20 times. Bennett in alot of people eyes was the most entertaininf fly half ever to watch, and he was always a fan favourite, quick to produce a scintilating sidestep or an untangable swerve. He was pivotal to the way wales played in the 70's. and scored some cracking tries. his audaciousness is evident when, he sidestepped three all black players to set the move up for "that try" for the barbarians. he also scored what many people consider the best try in six nations history.
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