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Pink Floyd fans



Pink Floyd... fantastic... just from another world...

I can't stop hearing all of its albums...


One of the greatest bands....

I saw Waters in Buenos Aires a couple of times, it is probably because I`ve never seen de real band, but you fill like if is Pink Floyd on the stage.


been listening to in the flesh alot lately, along with some of waters solo stuff and its f***ing good ehy. also gilmores on an island. good albums. its funny how highly people rate gilmore though. looking at pink floyd, if it wasnt for waters they would be nothing. the wall and dark side of the moon are f***ing great albums, along with animals and meddle being proberly some of the most talented albums out there. and once waters left pink floyd, the only real hits were learn to fly, dogs of war and on a turning away, all from momentary laps in reason. and again, look at solo carrers. waters putting out the berlin and in the flesh, great stuff. better than sound of thunder. and even though mediocre success, moreso than gilmores, post floyd albums. and imo, the best live album from the group is "is anybody out there? the wall live 1980-81" when waters was still in. run like hell, you cant beat that live cut.