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player likeness



i no for a fact that in r2005 carlos is white with short hair...ok.....

but is there any one else who theyv liek totally f***ed up???
I only have the demo so all the wallabies look great. I only know a few of the pommie players and they look good too. Im yet to have the full version though so i will look out for some
do you mean carlos spencer? is he white in the game? Does he have the modern day mullet happening?
yeh like 04, f*** joe was like brown, salor had hair, and issac boss(my 2nd cozin, just thort id add that it) loooked nothing like him but thats because ea jst make the good players
Originally posted by doboy2002@Mar 13 2005, 09:29 PM
do you mean carlos spencer? is he white in the game? Does he have the modern day mullet happening?
his hair touches his shoulders with some high lights, it aint really a mullet he had that last year now its jst long-ish, have you seen any super 12 this yar??
Originally posted by Humphreys@Mar 13 2005, 09:31 PM
Carlos Spencer looks like the real one i dont know what your on mate
i duno if u watch super 12 MATE, but carlos is brown, he plays for the nz maoris, and he has brown long hair with blonde in it, u cant reall expect ea 2 get that rite, his face looks real tho
o i was talkin about face yea the hair and skin is out of date lol but i dont watch super 12 coz i dont get it here in america
you made me cry I WANT SUPER 12!!! but i know carlos hair and skin yea EA was way off
you are pushing it!!!man im part maori dats not fair i demand a right for people like me to have a rugby channel
50% irish and 50% argintine leaves no room for maoridom mate!! hes trying to pull a christian cullen, when i played for our school moari team, they would try and sneek our good white boys into the team aswell!!!
LOL!no my grandad father was born there or soemthin and so was my grandad and then my dad was born in Argentina and me mum is irish so im 50-50 but i got other thing on my blood new zealand,some english,some french and waht did cullen say?
they put him in the maoris, but hes fully white apart from a 100000000000000th tongan!!or it mite of been samoa
yeh i think he played against the tongans at north harbour stadium, glen jackson, cashmore, leon macdonald and many more white players have played, because pretty much every kiwi has moari in there blood
cully got ****** off at john mitchell and left 2 go 2 munster in ireland, good option i say. im heading 2 the uk 2 play, easy money i guess and they respect ya a lot more if ur a kiwi, even more so if a moari just as long as u do the haka in every pub u go 2
i do the haka before evey game even tho im the only one that has like 1% maori blood im still proud of it you know i want to head to the UK to play too
im 17 i play first 5\8 half back or openside flanker and im the kicker of my team

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