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We had a list of all the real player names on the backup forum (www.rugbyforum.tk) but doesn't appear to be working anymore. Does anyone have a copy of these names?
Originally posted by JJ-@Jun 29 2004, 04:17 PM
It's just the .tk that isn't working - they want money now.
Nah they don't want money... yet
It's just they have quite a lot of downtime

might wana try a free .co.nr domain?
Sure, we're approaching a year since it's release, and they are hopefully in heated development with the sequel, but has there ever been any kind of *official* release on the players in WCR?

There are quite a few gaps, especially in the benchs on Umo's fine site, and I was wondering if anyone "in the know" (read: Swordfish) put out a proper list on the sly?

This would, of course, have been done under the strictest confidentiality.
yeah, is there anywhere that has a 100% complete player list. I am having trouble with a few of the australian from the british lions team, particularly the wingers (i.e. who the hell is dan stevens suppose to be!)
I have done some research and this is the most likey South African team. How about some of your teams.

01.Lawrence Sephaka
02.James Dalton
03.Daan Human
04.Jannes Labuschagne
05.AJ Venter
06.Cornè Krige
07.Joe Van Niekerk
08.Bobby Skinstad
09.Joost vd Westhuizen
10.Andre Pretorius
11.Dean Hall
12.De Wet Barry
13.Marius Joubert
14.Breyton Paulse
15.Werner Greeff
16.C Bezuidenhout
17.John Smit
18.Victor Matfield
19.Bolla Conradie
20.Deon Kayser
21.Kenndy Tsimba (it shows a guy with a scrum cap, but he's black when you sub him)
22.Quinton Davids

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