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Playing rugby abroad


Academy Player
Jan 23, 2024
For my final universtiy project, I'm looking into the process of playing rugby abroad and its associated pain points. What is your experience (+/-) of playing abroad? If you haven't, why?

If anyone would also be kind enough to support by doing this quick 3 minute survey that would be of massive help!
It might be a good idea to link to the survey! If it only takes 3 minutes to complete, I wouldn't expect it to yield anywhere near enough information on this complex topic to offer sufficient information to write a dissertation offering much insight.
I manage a club in melbourne and we get expats all the time from the UK and Ireland, quite a few hoops to jump through to get clearances is they have been registered with a club over there but very doable

once thats sorted then joining a club is a great way to find a community in a new city/country, we help new people find jobs etc

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