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Originally posted by getofmeland@May 29 2006, 08:15 PM
I am Afraid Rimmer had no case, his IP matched an IP that Los used to send abusive messages...
Well, that must be a world first. I know the guy and helped set up the account for him. So, unless Los Lover is some kind of damn genius and is hijacking new accounts, then something very strange is going on.
Hi again.

I just want everyone to know that I am definitely going to be treading carefully. My mate C A had to do a lot of pleading to get me back on.

I'm only here to talk Rugby and have a good time, and not at anybody elses expense.
I would also like to take back my apology at the start of this thread...

No, but seriously, big misunderstanding I'm sure.
All I can say, is I am:

1. Not Los.

2. Only going to prove that by not upsetting anyone. :D

3. Hopefully going to get to stay on the forum. :

Hmm. Maybe I can prove I'm not him by adding:

Whoever this Los guy is deserves everything he gets for making me get kicked off.
I would like to apologise, Arny, on behalf of myself as I'm not too sure where the boss and co. stand, for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Good luck on your... uh... future with TRF.... And all of that ****.

And I would also like to finish by saying... Suck that!! I knew he wasn't Los! f***ing knew it!!

His posting style wasn't the same as Los or anything, but all the evidence in the logs suggested that it was. All clear now though, Arnold Rimmer is innocent.
Quite the spicy start to his TRF 'career', got a bit to live up to now...

while behaving at the same time.
Also, it's soooo funny to see him being so well behaved.

Usually he's quite the cheeky *******, but now he's gone all meek, haven't you Rimmsy. :p
He should be how he is. He isn't under watch, he isn't being scrutinised, he should be how he wants to be.
Originally posted by C A Iversen@May 29 2006, 11:18 PM
Also, it's soooo funny to see him being so well behaved.

Usually he's quite the cheeky *******, but now he's gone all meek, haven't you Rimmsy. :p
What a pussy.

I do hope he isn't too badly traumatised.
I say let him loose now that we know he ain't Loser, see what he can ad/stir up on a humour level :)
Firstly Sorry for the inconvience caused Arnie, but like St Helens said, it was the logs that made us think...

I feel its a great shame that we have had to started looking at IP's and things to recongnise Los, but Please still stay vigilent...


Welcome Arnie, and hopefully you will become a valuable member of our community...
Well i can say i complained about him on the forum about bringing up the gay fest alot but never once accused rimmer of being Los.

So just be yourself but learn not to take things too far :D
What an interesting turn of events, and all that over the space of the weekend! Well let me once again join Kaftka in taking back the apology I issued to Candyman and Woosah. But let my warning stand. The Rugby forum is very close to becoming The Los Lover forum. For every member that likes talking about them I think there are several others who's getting increasingly fed up of him being the topic in every other thread and the same old jokes being used to death.

Welcome to the forum Arnold "the real Mckoy" Rimmer
Exactly, we're only justifying his existence by continually providing him with self pleasuring moments of seeing himself talked about over and over.

I say let's right here and now, end talking about whatshisname.

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