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Right, I dunno whether any of you like this idea, so I put it here to float around and get more attention...

So would anyone download a Podcast, if we came up with one, talking about the latest happenings in the NH Rugby, SH Rugby.... Maybe Gaming tips and other off topic stuff...

Anybody got any thoughts...

* the more i think bout it the more stupid it stands...
How would it work?

Vague question I know, but there would have to be a lot of organisation to pull it off.

Also, who would the target audience be? Because if it was purely members of this forum, then it wouldn't really be worth it, as whatever information was being provided could just be written.
It could, SFW, but imagine, just IMAGINE, a recorded TRF show, with contributions from me, Ripper, Chiro, captainamerica, robbinho... the possibilities are endless!
Originally posted by St Helens RLFC@May 4 2006, 07:52 PM
It could, SFW, but imagine, just IMAGINE, a recorded TRF show, with contributions from me, Ripper, Chiro, captainamerica, robbinho... the possibilities are endless!
I'm not knocking the idea.

It would just need a lot of planning and work, otherwise it would just be a gimmicky dream...
Probably wouldn't require that much effort actually, I've seen some websites do it with the minimum of fuss. Charlie must have an idea of what's needed, or he wouldn't have suggested it.
The fact that members come from all over the world has to be the first issue though.

Be difficult to have much interaction at first glance.
What it might involve is participants recording their piece, sending it to me or Charlie, and editing it together, uploading it at a certain time and broadcasting it...
Assuming everyone has stuff to record on.

On a slightly separate note, I'd be interested in writing things like news scripts etc, if it was needed.
Originally posted by SaintsFan_Webby@May 4 2006, 08:04 PM
Assuming everyone has stuff to record on.
Absolutely. Therein could, potentially, lie the problem.
There is not a lot to making a podcast... I have just seen other forums do this and wondered whether it could offer something unique for the members and maybe encourage new members to have a go...

Here's a quick tutorial I found.... Clicky here

also see here
Well there are oodles of recording equipment at my school and I'm quite good at the whole recording thing. The problem is though, when I'm on holiday I would have no access to it.
I'll have a crack at one when I can be bothered to write a script.

f*** knows what about though, it'll proberbly go off on one like chiro's average essay.
I don't know how it would work, but you could have discussions on it. That'd be quite interesting, espeically with Lora.
A podcast would be good, it is free and easy to make. We could take the ramblings of all our members and make it a good podcast.

I have listened to many a bad one, but I think we would have enough talent for a good podcast.

We'd have to have little articles and sections. So we could combine all the members.

I'll be up for making one.

Theres no Rugby Podcasts out there fullstop anyway.

Just have an General Rugby Podcast "Sponsored" by the Rugby Forum, theres a number of people like me who would want one.
with the personalites etc we have on here a podcast would be great. it would I think be informative and very funny as well and will no doubt create a lot of debate.
Sounds good, nice touch with music in background (podcast virgin :eek: so don't know if that's a widely used trend)

Looking forward to see if this idea takes off :)

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