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Podcast 4



Hi All

Can we try and record Podcast 4 this week???

We need to keep this going as they have been great so far...

Prestwick, I am looking at you to organise this ;)
Me? Crap!

Okay guys, I'm looking at a wednesday evening start but because of work I might need someone else to edit it for me.

I say:


As RC can't use Skype for some reason, we'll need to find a way around that, suggestions?
The problem with team speak is that the audio quality is poor.

We would prefer Skype really but because Skype won't work with RC's we have a problem.

Mite, did you do the Skype recording for podcast three?
Yep, although my copy of Audacity has been a knob since I had to nuke my b0x and I can only record microphone or speakers. I'll have a play over the next couple of days.
The last podcast was recorded with Skype... we had Dan on using the telephone... via my Skype...
I think it must be something to do with that; I was also having problems running Mpeg videos until yesterday. Like I say, that's tomorrows plaything to sort out.
We used teamspeak on podcast 2, but pete sounded like he was in a submarine.
Nate as always sounded like he was in a fecking recording studio... <_<
haha that will teach you for trying to teach us about the inferior league code in the last podcast :p
Well just cos you northern boys love giving something to Mother Nature ;) cue Barry White ;)

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