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Any Love for restarting the podcasts?

Editing linear recording most likely. Might get some standard intro/outro stuff set up too. Nothing too complicated.

The last set used Planets from Holtz for intro and out due to World in Union. Just thought id say. Pity you are not on a Mac. GarageBand was immense for editing the podcast.
I'll probably edit in Xubuntu, there's a tonne of really good open source stuff knocking about. Ardour is particularly good.
Yeah, I've used audacity before. It's fine, but I don't particularly like the user interface.

You seem to know your stuff pretty well gn10, done this before?
kind of I have a bit of experience especially audio editing & mastering - mainly from a music production viewpoint, but I've done some podcast stuff for other people - get your compression and your plosives right and your golden.

also, i'm not a fan of the Audacity interface either - i use Soundforge, Ableton and Reaper as I've had it all for ages and the interface while similar to audacity just works better for me. For basic Mastering i use T-Racks.
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