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Is it possible for the video player on this forum to be configured so that, when a YouTube video link includes a start time, the video player plays from that start time, and doesn't just ignore it and play from the start?

For example:


This YT url will start at 247 seconds (4 min & 7 seconds) into the video, but the embedded player in the forum software ignores the "t=247" part and just plays it from the start.

Other forums seem to have that working, and this one used to, but ever since the forum software change, that functionality is broken.
Hi, sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. I've done some research and due to the way this particular forum software handles video embeds, the parameter that defines the video start time (the t=247 bit) is stripped out. Due to this being a core issue in the software I can't see a way around this at the moment I'm afraid!

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