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That's right James, people in general can be very selfish... yeah, organizations {especially the big ones} can be really full of their own importance & can be arrogant towards the people that work for them etc.

All NZers were asked to send in their own flag designs, which is was why some of them weren't that great... heard a few people here say they preferred the flag to have an Union Jack/Fern design on it.

Can be very frustrating to be out injured for a few weeks with a sprained ankle, also makes it pretty awkward to just walk around... having a cork thigh isn't great either, can take a fair while until you can run freely again.

Haven't heard of an ANZUK team that's played together either, but would like to see it happen.
Hi Pete
I have had to deal with organisations like this in my work and have learned to do so calmly over the years. There are a lot of selfish people here in the U.K. these days who seem to think they can do what they want. It's a ruder, less civil society and it's very divided at the moment. Not Rule Britannia, but Rude Britannia.

My corked thighs were not as serious as they could have been. It was the sprained ankle that time that set me back weeks; I still remember it decades later. As you say it made it hard to walk around at first. It was good for my studies though. It was better to be able to play again of course.

The good thing about team sports is that they are good training in working together and fellowship. They should be a counter to the kind of selfishness that we've been speaking about, but when they become like big businesses they can lose their identity and their base.

The Union Jack/Fern design is perfect I think because it expresses Kiwi identity while preserving some valuable links. It seems so obvious doesn't it?

I'll try to find out whether there has ever been an ANZUK team.

Giday James,
Yeah, good idea to deal with those organizations using some patience mate - lot of selfish people in NZ & worldwide too, also lots of pc rubbish that happens as well.

True, a sprained ankle keeps you sidelined most longer than a cork thigh... good point, you never forget those bad injuries you get in sport.

You certainly make some very good friends playing sport - in the amateur days of rugby at international level they'd tended to enjoy themselves more, having a few beers etc... in the professional era it's different in a lot of ways, tends to be mainly about money for all parties involved in the game.

Yeah, NZ having the Union Jack/fern flag design just makes good common sense.

Haven't heard of an ANZUK team playing together, be great to see it happen though.
Giday Pete

I agree with you about the selfishness and also the pc drivel, which we have a lot of here as well. I treat people fairly and as individuals rather than lumping them into groups pc-style.

So far I can't find any evidence of an ANZUK Rugger combo. Too many rivalries to overcome.

I imagine the NZ flag issue will resurface at some stage and then that's our chance. …

You're right: I have made a lot of friends playing sport - great blokes and I keep in touch with quite a few of them.

Some sports injuries are harder to forget than others, especially the type of Rugger injury that leads you to question (for a short time) whether it was worth it. You then decide that it was.


Giday James,
Got no time for this pc rubbish either... you can only treat people fairly, unfortunately some of them are not worth wasting your time on.

Yeah, in the professional era they don't really have the time to fit in ANZUK type matches with all the comps & test matches going on... the amateur era though would've been ideal for these matches.

The flag issue should come up again... would be great if NZ did use the combo design on it we're talking about.

Reckon if you really enjoy playing a sport like rugby you're not really going to have any regrets through injuries, as you know going into the sport it's a very physical game & injuries are going to happen.
Giday Pete

I do always treat people fairly in my work, but I don't think pc is about fairness at all - quite the reverse. It just creates a lot of hostility and distrust.

Like me I think you prefer the amateur to the professional era in Rugby and other sports. There was a lot more freedom at that time including the possibility of trying new things. If we still had that approach there might be some possibility of the ANZUK team, even as a one-off event. Also in the amateur era there was more of a local input and connection between team and community.

The Fern and Union Jack flag will need to be promoted a bit more.

I agree with you that in a very physical sport like Rugby injuries like sprained ankles are no real deterrent. Certainly in the particular incident I mentioned I was glad to be playing again when I was no longer 'off eccer'.

Agree with what you're saying James... just meant that you can treat some people fairly, but it just doesn't make any diff, they'll still continue to act like pillocks anyway.

True mate, there was much more freedom & sensible laws were tried out in the amateur days, as you say the community were more involved with their teams... these days there's too many complicated & pointless laws in the game making it a bit of a mess to watch.

Yeah, if you're out injured for a while in a sport you absolutely enjoy playing, it's great to get back playing again.
You're right Pete. There are some people who are just impossible to work with on a rational basis. I'm lucky enough to be able to avoid them most of the time as I'm self-employed and choose my own contractors.

The amateur days are a bit like a golden age. The 70s and 80s were the tail end of that tradition with quite a lot of its spirit surviving especially at local level. Then as you say came pointless laws, bureaucracy and a corporate mindset.

Do you miss playing Rugger?
That's right James, if you're self-employed you don't have to deal with some of those idiots that much... also great that you can take of few days off when needed throughout the year.

Concerning the amateur days, was great that when all the international teams were touring, they would always play mid-week games as well, & some of the players that weren't incumbents had a chance to play their way into the test 15, or earn a spot on the bench.

Yeah mate, really miss playing rugby, unfortunately everyone has to retire at some stage.
Hi Pete,
Yes, the mid-week games were a great thing. It wasn't so much about money in those days but about love of the game and sense of community. Aren't we a pair of nostalgics? Probably, but we're old enough to remember when things were better; I don't actually feel or think 'old' at all.

Being self-employed is great when you can mostly set your own hours and choose who you work with. I like it anyway.

I also miss playing Rugby but I still follow it and keep up with blokes from my playing days.

Giday James,
Exactly mate, rugby wasn't really about money in the old days, much more to do with the enjoyment of the game for everyone concerned.

Yeah, reckon working for yourself is better, gives you more motivation & you're certainly far more restricted when working for an organization.

I'm still in contact with some of the blokes from rugby & some of the other sports I use to play too.
Giday Pete

Agree with you on both points: Rugger not being about money in the old days (as the Cockneys say, 'Things ain't wot they used to be') and being self-employed is much more motivating and enjoyable, although it is often hard work.
Giday James,
Yeah, rugby was so much more easy going back in those days - true, it's hard yakka at times when you work for yourself, especially in the first couple of years, but it's so much more rewarding than working for another organization.

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