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Power step!?!



Alright, yea so i play loosehead porp for my local team. Were not just the best team in the country but we do have a great pack! I'm captian so what i do has an affect on my players, and on that note im wonder what you think about getting into rucks.

we were learning a new way, called a power step which is hitting the ruck hard with your shoulder and basically murdering the man :wacko: Have you got any suggestions for now ways of hitting rucks?



The lower the better! The lower you get the better it is for you clearing the man out! Ensure that your shoulder hit's the opponents gut! This will send him flying and is very effective!

Another way, not always legal mind! If a player is it at the side the best way to deal with him his grabbing his legs and throwing him back over the ruck!

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