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im diffinitely getting this game...no doubt about that...i was wondering whose preordering...and is it cheaper?...ive neva preordered anything tho im excited bout this that im going to...another question how earlier do you recieve a copy?...is there a difference in what stores you pre-order it from?

from the curious
I pre-ordered directly from EA Sports...cost was US $39...gave me a March 8th ship date. Free shipping.
directly from ea?...what country r u from?...free shipping sounds good too...im wondering if if theres a ea base in nz...im sure there is...any kiwis know?
Go ahead Chiro and pre order from the UK stores. You'll get it 2 weeks before NZ gets it if you air freight it (It is only a little package).

Then call me up (and not 1 week after you have been practising
and we should be well ahead of our domination of the NZ gaming industry.

Or we could see if any of our Samoan brothers know Roko. My wife knows Sam Tuitupou's older brother (Sam named his son after his older brother) but he lives in Wellington now. Besides Sam is Tongan and wouldn't ask off a Fijian something to give to a Samoan

Seriously..try freighting it from the Europeans (I am sure the UK PS2 is the same as ours)
is it safe?..and from what site?

yeah rokos proberly at home missing training sessions calling in sick and playing a copy of of his game...%$#punk

world domination?...just me...your my..what should i say...mini-me

Gotta go now but check on the thread with the UK release date stuff. They are the crowd to talk too about flying it over..
If you pre-order it from EB Games (yeah, I know they're evil) you can get it for $89.95 by itself, $39.95 if you give in 2 XBOX/PS2 games or for as low as $9.95 if you trade in 3 XBOX/PS2 games... Now, I personally will be trading in Rugby 2004, WCR and MGS2 to get it for $10! As I know for a fact I won't ever play any of those games again...
yeah but doesnt that depend on the value of the games...coz they could look at rugby04 and laugh and take the game and give u jonah lomu rugby :lol:nah kidding

thanx does that trade two games and pay 40bux go with preordering aswell
If you've got a Credit Card handy, you can order from the UK and probably get it early if you get express postage.

If you don't have a credit card, you can pre-order online in NZ using internet banking (if you have that), and usually they said out the game the day before release so you recieve it on the day of release. DSE are selling it for only $90 including postage.

It is pretty safe, but ask here about a site before ordering.

I just had a quick look and saw that game.com are selling it for 40 pounds, which is over $100, and then there would be expensive postage on top of that probably.

I ordered WCR from Australia, and ended up getting it about a month before it was released in NZ!
im ordering from the uk, cost $92 NZD!! shipping included. so i shud be getting it by the 8th i think, if the release date stays at 4th!! got express international delivery, which means they deliver on weekends if thats when its here. Im soooooooooooooooooooooooo f@#king xcited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Where did you get it from?

I had a look at Game.com at it worked out at NZ$118 (for PS2 or XBox)
go to gameplay.co.uk. It works out to be bout 38pounds, which is bout $90 bucks NZ aint it??thats including all the packaging aswell
woooops!!!just looked at a online currency converter and it came to $100.80NZD. my bad.
But i did look at a old currency exchange site!!! But i wud pay more if need be!! But thats how much the current exchange would work out to be including packaging, and express international delivery!!
I can't see the point in pre ordering the chances of it selling out in nz are very slim. Also yeah you proabbly could get it quicker if you got it from say the uk but you would proabbly pay the same in nz anyway.
thats the whole point!!!! Dont care if its 2days before its released here, i just wont it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE..............
Try Play.com Its £31.99. That includes Free delivery!!! That works out to $83.8 NZ dollars!
for the ppl who r getting it from UK arent u guys worried bout the cover?

it'll have the european cover wudnt u guys rather have roko?
I read somewhere else that the UK version of the game will only work on UK + European PS2s (?!)
Originally posted by woodie@Feb 20 2005, 11:10 AM
I read somewhere else that the UK version of the game will only work on UK + European PS2s (?!)
Arn't European consoles PAL though? That would mean they would work fine here.

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