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Prestwick's fist joins forces with Dan's face.


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Nov 7, 2006
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Prestwick is extremely proud to announce that his fist is teaming up with Dan's face. Following 4 years of being able to resist the urge to assert his Southern superiority on the whippet loving pidgeon sexing Northerner, Prestwick is now unable to resist and will now punch Dan. Repeatedly.

Already, we have a series of exciting projects lined up including a blog of violence listing all the beatings Prestwick dishes out on Dan, and a series of podcasts throughout the coming months in order to give you all an opportunity to hear the beatings in progress.

This is a fantastic bit of news for us all here at TRF and we hope that you, our community, will share our happiness at this.

We are extremely grateful to Charlie and Mite for reaching out to Prestwick, their biggest fan, and for them looking for feedback to improve their already excellent series of ultra violent snuff videos. Prestwick looks forward to many years of a fruitful partnership and the best of success to The Rugby Forum, Prestwick and to torturing Northern people!

(joke alert :D)



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I like it how you have a thumbnail with your insulting picture, double the insult!

Yes, well, I have to mess with my new features, don't I?
With my bumbling incompetence, this could be one of these:

Great news to begin the new forum style. May I suggest a PPV event?

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