PS2 British Lions - where are they?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by italiacat, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. italiacat

    italiacat Guest

    I've got WCR on PS2 and wondered if there is a way of unlocking the British Lions team?
    They must be in the game somewhere as the 'British Isles' player names can be edited.
    Also - does anyone know any of the cheat codes?
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  3. umosay

    umosay Guest

    I think you unlock the British lions by completing all tours

    Big Head mode
    Win the Tri Nations.

    Classic Match 9
    Win the World Cup.

    The Cougars
    Win the Five Nations.
  4. Vibor

    Vibor Guest

    There's the Metal Players Mode, too [​IMG]
    Win a League...

    [​IMG] But — ahem! — is there a way to unlock the All Stars Team?
  5. cavan

    cavan Guest

    you have to beat them with all the other teams..
  6. Vibor

    Vibor Guest

    I supposed it...
    But it's terribly difficult with the last 5-4 teams...
    (How the hell did you do it, cavan? [​IMG] )
  7. cavan

    cavan Guest

    lol, I didn't! My little brother did it, don't ask me how. He won the last three games 3-0 or something!
  8. Vibor

    Vibor Guest

    Your lit'l brother's got a kind of magic... [​IMG]
  9. I haven't played WCR for ages (my game and PS2 are still in England, and it's not available in the States) but that series (win with everyone) was hard as all hell.

    I think I won with the first 12 teams or something and my thumbs were about to explode.
  10. Yes we all know how you feel so were mine and that was just from a couple of intense games [​IMG]
  11. It's such a good feeling. Especially when you win, and you smear your thumb blood all over the screen and write, "I GOT YOU."
  12. italiacat

    italiacat Guest

    Cheers for the info.

    I've done all the tours and after the euro tour i unlocked the Swordfish team.

    Think the Lions must be hidden in the Survival challenge - i'm up to 6 wins without conceding any points but after only 2 games i had to play the bloody All Blacks!
    I play as England and the All Blacks are the only team that i truly dread facing (just like the real thing...)
  13. Vibor

    Vibor Guest

    Maybe it's a good feeling, yeah...

    In any case I hope that thumbs carnage will end in WCR2... [​IMG]
  14. italiacat

    italiacat Guest

    I've finally unlocked the British Lions team in Survival Mode - went 10 games unbeaten without conceding any points.
    I'm now a very happy chappy.
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