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Ps2 Glitch



Ive just played 4 coop games in season mode on the PS2. On two seperate occasions we have witnessed the AI tackling us - then when we go to play the ball nothing happens. The AI stand in their defensive positions, we moved the joystick and this let our man continue to play on. I could not score a try, and the AI stayed at the point where the tackle was made, and the only result was running dead. This caused a restart to the AI on the 20m line.

On the second occasion all the first things occured but then after that i tried to just kick the ball out but it failed to reach the sideline. So then i tried to pick up the ball but to no avail it was as if the ball was not actually there. This resulted in the only option which was to restart the match.

This is a huge issue in my mind and i recall something very similar in RL1.

Has anyone else witnessed this Glitch?

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