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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by JonBach, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. JonBach

    JonBach Guest

    Hi gus, am likely to get mullered now having written a review - but one of my bugbears is this: how the hell do I load a tournament that I've saved?? I really don't understand how this works. Do I first load my profile (or is this loaded autmatically?)

    Or - do I simply go to Play Now when loaded????
    Any help much appreciated!

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  3. Handsomebob

    Handsomebob Guest

    you go to :

    My rugby / Save load /
    choose to load
    and then you check you memory card
    the profile will appear.......scroll through the category of saved files with R1/L1
    you will find your saved game and then you just have to load it

    that's it
  4. And to further clarify -- once you win any trophies . . .

    when the screen comes up that says, "hey, you won" (whatever)

    Go to My Rugby

    Have a look at your trophies if you want in the Trophy Room

    But then, Save it to your PROFILE.

    Don't necessarily need to save your tournament AFTER you've won it. Just save your Profile.
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