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PS2 or PC?



I originally bought the PC version of rugby 2006 as I did for 2005, but yesterday I tried the PS2 version and I have to say I prefer it!

I find the PC graphics almost too good. Everything is so crisp and clear that it looks almost too santitised. The PS2 is a bit more rough round the edges when you are playing the game which I think gives it a more realsitic rustic look if that makes sense? It reminds me of some of the old rugby games that I loved so much like SEGA's rugby world cup! Also I find the graphics in the cut scenes are better in the PS2 version.

I also find the classic 2 camera angle is better in the PS2 version i.e less compressed and for some reason I'm enjoying the game play more. I can't describe it but I was losing interest in the PC rugby 2006 , but when I tried PS2 it felt like playing a completely different game, and I'm enjoying it again!

I recommend anyone who has got the PC version to hire the PS2 version and give it a go

On another note - I'm finding one or two things annoying in rugby 2006. Firstly I think there are FAR too many offloads in this game! It almost gets rediculous when the ball is kept alive with up to 10 offloads. its like a game of netball sometimes. Also it means offloads arn't as satisfying as they should be because they happen all the time!

Scoring tries when you are near the oppostitions try line is also far too easy, I think maybe because of the offloads.. I think the try line Ai defence needs to be much better.

Begining to find single playe a ltitle repetitive, although this might be because I have been playing it solidly now for the past 2 weeks!

Any comment on the above welcome!
I bought PC version (over X Box) coz it would have better gx. Have to say, I am impressed with gx on pc version, playing it at 1200*1600 and it looks cool.

Main downside is that the controls are less natural on pc (have to press combination of left trigger and face button to execute special moves, compared to simply pulling left control stick on console).

Anyone played x box version ? I have to say I found the PC version of 2005 better than the x box version.

Take your point about offloads, they do greatly improve the gameplay, but maybe there are a bit too numerous.

The AI is too easy to defend against, even on Elite level. EA, please don't make it harder next year just by increasing the turnovers on the hardest level - make the AI harder.

The main downer is that the animation capture is annoying, it starts a tackle animation if someone comes anywhere within 3-4 yards of you, and often defenders "warp" into you from 5 yards away or even more ! They've GOT TO sort this out in R2007.

Another gripe is set plays, they still rarely work and are easy to defend using a rush defence - just pick out the ball carrier and smack him down before he can pass out.

Best rugby game by far, noticeably better than 2005, but still a LONG way to go.
I've got the Xbox version, and yesterday I played the PS2 version at my mates place, played a whole world cup co-op with NZ. I have to say the Xbox version absolutely creams the PS2 version. The graphics are crisp, there is no lag as there is in the PS2 version.
played both PC and Xbox, decided to swtich to PC coz the graphics is just so much better and control is eaiser (side step and fend etc) but then i have to agree with jimmy44 that it looks almost too santitised. However 3d grass seems to be better on xbox, you can't really see the grass on PC unless if it zoom closely to the pitch (dunno... maybe that's just my graphics card).

One thing I've found is that ai players are more competitive on xbox.. u can get away with 10 offloads in a row on PC where as in xbox u can't. In my first match in WL on Elite (xbox), 3 AI players got sent off during the match (1 red, 2 yellow) through high tackles!! i was shocked but it was quite fun to watch those mad AI players... classic... :D
yeah the offloads are a bit manic, i limit myself to 2 or 3 offloads then take the tackle. most of the time i dont even bother offloading unless there is a bit of a gap, and he is going to offload in the right way.

i am loving the pc version :) took a while to get used to the buttons, but once i figured them out its great..

the training mode free play helped at telling me what button was what :)
Originally posted by joni@Feb 28 2006, 05:28 PM
However 3d grass seems to be better on xbox, you can't really see the grass on PC unless if it zoom closely to the pitch (dunno... maybe that's just my graphics card).

:huh: ok.....ok.....grass? :huh:

im sorry wait.....wait!

GRASS???? :wall:

:bulb: i know!

nope, lost it
I've been playing the PS2 version for a bit a noticed a few more differences - I think over all the PS2 version seems much easier than the PC version. It feels more responsive therefore easier to score tries

In the ps2 version I'm beating sides easily that I'm struggling against in the PC version.

Also the running diagonol bug is much more apparent in the PS2 version

Fog and other weather effects are much more apparent in PS2 version than PC version although this could be because of my graphics card.
I have Both PS2 & PC and both have good points and bad points! for me i do prefer the PC over the PS2 being you can always do more with the PC, dont get me wrong the PS2 is brill and smooth user friendly graphics is the same as the PC or should i say exactly the same, its only that the smooth vision and pipline shaders of the PS2 GFX makes the game a little more blured. It all depends on what GFX card you are using on your PC I use a ATI 256mb Radeon so i can fiddle with my GFX and make it clean & crisp or make it dull like the PS2. As i mod games a lot for all types of games so i must say PC everytime, it just makes it easier to mod! Hope i this makes sense? :p

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