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PS2 - Set plays



Pulling my hair out with set plays from rucks - scrums no problem - its completely random, sometimes they work/execute and other times not, though choosing kick will always flash and turn green?
Anybody know what determines this, is there are specific point where you have to select eg classic etc?

I am not sure, but it usually takes a few seconds for your play to come up. On normal it comes up quicker. Sometimes on hard you just have to get the ball out before your #9 turns green. I noticed that if my #10 was in the ruck, my #9 would hardly ever turn green in time for me to call a play. However, I am a rookie on this play-calling stuff so I hope someone else helps you out.
It is all about time. Particularly on Hard. If you wait for all of your players to be in position for a set play from a ruck, you run a real risk of turning over possession of the ball (as you would in real rugby). The longer it takes, the greater the likelihood of losing the ball to the opposition. If your key players for the set play get into position quickly, you can still execute a set play from a ruck on hard (and it can be effective), but if the field is very broken up and players on both sides are disorganised, you are usually much better to get the ball out ASAP and run with it on the fly (without attempting set play). You have to judge this and you get a feel for it after a while. Works pretty well I reckon. Set plays give the opposition time to regroup. Sometimes it really is (just like in real rugby) better to just pick the ball up and GO FOR IT!
Don't put anyone into the ruck. You may end up with no one to do a set play move.
You can't call particular moves...even from a scrum...if you are too close to your own try line...can only choose kick to get out of danger zone.......

If players are in ruck or were part of tackle etc.......you may not be able to call a backline move - do your own...learn to attempt a move and if nothing happens instantly opt for something else....don't sit there mashing at the d-pad, while the defence sets up and momentum is lost.

If it is going to take too long (too much red flashing) to get everyone into position, you will lose the ball before you can do so, so opt out and just do your own moves (get good at these)...

Now the key for doing moves nearly all the time if you choose......from almost every single ruck if you choose......
.........drum roll please!.....

TIP: When you press down R3 to regain possession going into a tackle (do not do it when really isolated or you may incur a penalty (but may yet re-rip it.....you will see if timing is generally good! hehe.......also do when momentum is up and in other half otherwise).....you hit the deck and are still holding onto the ball - thus the clear arrow is above the ballcarrier's body...


keep holding it in ruck (this is all obviously happening over a matter of just seconds)....and INITIATE a move with d-pad.......wait a second or so...then release ball...
Icon will shift to halfback's head (the arrow) and it will be green as you have pre-selected the move (time spent with the ball allowed the move to be chose by hb - but because arrow was over ball carrier, no flashing or green is detected) and you can instantly launch it - NO flashing of icon as you get better at timing it, even so - will be minimal flashing if don't...

This stops turnovers as you are trying to initiate move (if this is a problem).....
and is good in Multi-player as you are suddenly launching a move with no clue given until the last second that this is what you intend doing.......

I think the key is that your scrum half is passing it out and your fly half is the next in the back line.
Originally posted by wr50l@Apr 15 2005, 12:29 PM
I think the key is that your scrum half is passing it out and your fly half is the next in the back line.


It's like a crucial tip and ......what?
Nevermind, after a bit of playing last night I realised that it doesn't have to be your scrum half passing it out.
found that if I put 3 players into the ruck immediately upon being tackled, (hitting x three times)...no more, no less...always sets the play in motion...and dramatically reduces the times i turn over waiting for the bloody green arrow.

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