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PS3 - Is it worth it?

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I broke down a year after the PS2 came out and bought one and I have really liked it. Now I see PS3s all over and am wondering if they are worth it. I would like your opinion on it as I don't know if I'm ready to drop another couple hundred dollars on something like that. Also in stores I don't see many games for PS3s on the market compared to PS2 games. Thanks for any input or advise. Any problems you've had with your system would be nice to know as well. Thanks again
The PS3 isn't worth the money The 360 is £100 less and is a lot better a lot better graphics and now the elite has hdmi so it the same connection as a ps3 so 360 = better that ps3
I believe gameplay before graphics so i stick we the wii that also has great graphics.
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