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Question for bloggers


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Apr 15, 2014
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I need some help from anyone who has a blog. I'm wanting to start one but I'm not sure which site to use. A couple of friends have suggested different sites and one suggested using 1&1 which I had never heard of. Has anyone else used them for blogging? Or would you suggest any other sites?
there are lots of ways to skin this cat mate, i use a self hosted option with dreamhost for about 4-5 blogs, including this: http://www.thedeadbalarea.com

You need to weigh up how much experience/website knowlegde you have, against cost - you need to also think about media & content, will you have a lot of photos, will you need to upload content.

Once you've done that you can decide if you self host (1&1 - have a Wordpress pack so that's ideal), or use something like the free hosting blog sites like: Wordpress.com or Tumblr and then divert a domain name to it - though they can be quite restrictive in what you can do to the site.

can you give me a few ideas of what it is you want to create?
Cheers for the response goodNumber10 bascially I have family in both Australia and the USA and were all rubbish at keeping in touch so I thought if I start a blog with some pictures which I can give them the link too, they'll know what we've been up to
I know a lot of people who use Wordpress. It's free (if you don't use the bells and whistles), and easy - it seems - to use.


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